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During a Nuclear Attack, These Are the Top Six U.S. Cities in Order of Danger

A nuclear assault from a foreign country has to be one of the worst potential situations for the United States.

Experts are making preparations for the potential of such a strike even if the likelihood of it happening is low.
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In the event of a future nuclear strike on the United States, Business Insider has identified the following six cities as the most vulnerable:

(1) The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois

2.) Houston, Texas

3) The City of Angels

4. The Big Apple, New York

5) California, San Francisco

6. The District of Columbia

In addition, Columbia University professor and catastrophe expert Irwin Redlender warns that the United States is not even close to being prepared for such a situation, saying:

Since they are some of the most populous areas in the country, Redlener thinks they are prime candidates for initial attacks. In addition, each possesses a unique set of infrastructures vital to American safety.

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He also points out that each municipality has not provided sufficient emergency-situation information, which may leave the public unprepared to deal with a catastrophe of this scale. However, as Lawrence Livermore Laboratory physicist Brooke Buddemeier explains:

As a result, it is essential that people begin educating themselves today on how to proactively prepare for calamities that may occur in the future.

Even while those six cities have the highest probability of being attacked, they are not the only ones that must be prepared.

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The lack of emergency shelters, which would be essential in the event of a nuclear attack, is one of the largest problems he sees. Providing more low-cost housing has put pressure on urban areas, reducing the amount of space available for emergency services.

This is why people need to start preparing for the future right away, while there is still time.
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Because it will be much more difficult to respond once a calamity has already begun.


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