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Man From New Jersey Faces Charges After Dumping Puppy at an Airport in Iowa.

DES MOINES, IOWA (WHO) — This past week, a man from New Jersey is accused of abandoning his dog by tying her up outside of the Des Moines International Airport. The man is now facing charges related to the incident.

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On Thursday, December 29, the name “Allie” was found at the airport in Iowa.
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According to the police, her owner, Charles Bigsen, who is 24 years old and from Newark, New Jersey, was attempting to travel home with her but was unable to do so because he did not have a kennel.

Big initially took the dog with him when he left the airport, but he circled back around without the pet a short while later and proceeded to check in for his flight back home.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa was contacted and asked to take Allie in when they arrived at the airport. They claim that Bigsen turned Allie over to them.

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According to ARL, before she is made available for adoption, she will visit the veterinarian to have her spayed, be given a microchip, and have her uterus removed.

After further investigation, the Des Moines Police Department has decided to prosecute Bigsen for both animal abandonment and animal neglect.


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