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Dominican Republic is the Likely Hiding Place of the Teen Suspected in the Stray-bullet Shooting Death of a New York City Mother, Police Said.

New York City police said Thursday that a 17-year-old boy is wanted in connection with the accidental shooting death of a mother in Manhattan last month. The suspect is said to be hiding in the Dominican Republic.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig notified reporters on December 26 that 17-year-old Manuel Ramos was wanted in connection with the shooting death of the 64-year-old mother of three Valeria Ortega.

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On the day after Christmas, Ortega, a grandmother of three, was walking to the grocery store with her son near their Inwood home when a stray gunshot wounded her in the head.

The police said that while on their way to buy marijuana, Ramos and two others were in a car when Ramos opened fire out the window, mistaking Ortega’s scooter for the target.

Essig stated that investigators located the car and elicited Ramos’ identity from the other two occupants.

The two guys in front told me they’re just going to buy weed on 207th Street, Essig said. An accompanying scooter follows them as they travel to their destination.

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Manuel, who has a gun but hasn’t shown it to anyone, suddenly spins around, fires it out the window, and hits our elderly neighbor, who is 64 years old.

The police learned on January 1 that Ramos had fled to the Dominican Republic and are currently attempting to extradite him from there.
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As of the 6th of December, Ramos has been arrested once before for criminal possession of the stolen property.
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In the absence of a return ticket, he boarded a plane and headed toward the Dominican Republic.

Ortega, a longtime Inwood resident who is survived by her 101-year-old mother, was recalled by her heartbroken husband as “kind and kind” to a fault.

Vincente Garcia told ABC-7 Eyewitness News immediately after her death, “[She was] buenisima – a really good woman, a doting mother.”

It was said of her, “[She was] almost too giving and nice for her own good.”

Ortega’s Facebook profile featured heartbreaking photographs of her doting on her three children—two grown daughters and a son in his late twenties.

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In her last post to the public, she toasted her mother’s 101st birthday.

Along with a photo of her mother, Ortega wrote, “Congratulations on your birthday mum.” The two were posing with pink balloons to celebrate the birthday of Ortega’s mother, who was in her 80s at the time.


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