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Two Years of $500 a Month Free of Strings Attached – Check Eligibility

For the next two years, residents of Virginia City will receive a $500 payment, no questions asked.

Money for Virginia City, With No Catch

In its Recurring Income for Success and Equity programme, Alexandria, Virginia, is handing out grants with no conditions attached.

However, only 170 people will be chosen for the programme, and they are free to spend money on anything they like. We give people and families money so they can choose how to meet their basic needs,” said Mayor Justin Wilson.

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The initiative’s stated goal is to improve the city’s existing cash assistance programmes and provide financial support to local residents. The municipality asserted that there is empirical evidence linking the Guaranteed income pilot programme to a decrease in poverty and economic inequality.

The best methods of budgeting will be chosen by the eligible participants themselves. The city’s ARISE programme is an experiment in trying out a radically different method of empowering people to make decisions that are good for their own health and happiness.
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As Soon as Possible, Please.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, programme coordinator Julie Mullen said that if all 170 participants are signed up by then, payments could begin in February. If not, things may move at a slower pace.

On December 13, a random number generator chose the recipients from among all the applicants; if for any reason a recipient drops out, another will be chosen at random from the remaining pool.

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From October 31st to November 9th, city residents who made 50% or less of Alexandria’s median income (which varies by household size) were eligible to apply.

In addition, applicants with a single-person household and an annual income of less than ,890 are not eligible.
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This monthly limit is $4,154. That’s an extra $4,746 for an individual and $56,950 for a couple.


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