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Two Young Children Were Shot as They Got Off a Bus in Washington, Dc, and the Suspects Are Still at Large.

Two young children were shot as they stepped off a Metrobus in Northwest D.C. on Wednesday afternoon, and D.C. police released photographs of the suspects involved in the shooting on Thursday.

Around 4 p.m., D.C. police say, 32-year-old Stephen Perdomo and other men boarded a northbound Route 54 bus on 14th Street NW in the Brightwood neighborhood. Then, authorities say, Perdomo attacked and stabbed a man during an altercation.
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A suspect brought a gun onto the street during the assault and shot Perdomo, a 6-year-old girl, and a 9-year-old boy who had just been off the bus.

The kids had to be rushed to the hospital because their wounds were so bad.

Also suffering from severe wounds was Perdomo. According to reports, police detained him on Thursday and filed charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
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On Thursday, police revealed surveillance photographs that they say are of two of the individuals involved in the shooting.

After the stabbing, the victim fled the scene, but police later determined he had been the intended victim.

Witnesses aboard the bus recorded the chaotic aftermath of the attack. Apparently, the argument has spilled out of the bus, and two men are now attacking a third. After then, there are three gunshots followed by cries.

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Many of our neighbors are not interested in taking the bus or subway. They are fearful for their safety.

On Thursday, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Kim Patterson claimed that residents had told her that they didn’t feel safe wandering around the neighborhood with their children. We’d like to see police officers using bicycles and foot patrols again.

As Mayor Muriel Bowser put it on Wednesday, “all they were doing was riding the bus heading home from school and a moron with a pistol fired it indiscriminately and shot two children.”


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