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HomenewsDespite Inflation and a New Tax Rise, Jersey Shore Companies Are Thriving

Despite Inflation and a New Tax Rise, Jersey Shore Companies Are Thriving

Some Jersey Shore companies are gaining traction this summer despite skyrocketing pricing, recession worries, and a new tax rise.

News 12 New Jersey spent Sunday monitoring commerce and tourism along the Jersey Shore boardwalks from Asbury Park to Point Pleasant. It discovered that, as a result of inflation, they were packed with irritating beachgoers.

Some people claimed that food costs were higher than normal. Despite the hefty pricing, shops along the coast say it doesn’t deter visitors.

“People come to Asbury for Pucker, for their sausage sandwiches,” Pucker’s Lemonade chef manager Brittany Spirito said. “People will come and receive it if they want it.”

Despite the high petrol expenses, one Canadian family claimed their vacation was worthwhile since the coast offered fantastic cuisine and service.

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Even though beach communities have been thriving with business, restaurant and store owners are still trying to make up for their losses after COVID-19, especially with the new tax rise on July 1.

The increase was intended to assist the state in repaying the federal government for money borrowed for jobless compensation. Many company owners claimed they were unaware of it.

“I had no idea what it was. Why would our government do anything like this? They are employed by us. We don’t work for them, and we must remain steadfast in our refusal to tax small companies,” said Robin Mennie, co-owner of River Street Sweet Treats.

“To be honest, I’m not surprised in New Jersey. “I just wish they could give us small business owners who are still reeling from the economic consequences of the epidemic a respite,” said Tom Dunphy, owner of Mutiny BBQ.

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The July 4 holiday and the days following it brought in a lot of money for many retailers and restaurants along the coast since they are a key economic driver for companies.


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