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Christine Chiu Net Worth: Who Is the Richest in Bling Empire?

Christine Chiu (born December 13, 1982) is a well-known Taiwanese-American businesswoman, philanthropist, social media influencer, investor, television personality, and entrepreneur. She is famous throughout the nation as the spouse of the star physician Gabriel Chiu.

In addition, she is a prosperous businesswoman and entrepreneur. Currently, she is a managing partner at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., according to media reports (run by her husband).

In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she is also a well-known TV personality. She rose to prominence after joining the 2021 web series Bling Empire cast. The audience adores her attendance at the show.

Early Life

On Monday, December 13, 1982, the wealthy Asian woman was born to her parents in Taiwan. She comes from a well-established family and practices Christianity. Every year on December 13th, she blows out her birthday candles. Christine Chiu is 38 years old for her age (as of 2020).

“Christine Alexandra Chiu” is her actual name. She traveled to the United States for her schooling, according to sources. Chiu has been interested in business since he was a child.

As a result, she enrolled at Pepperdine University and earned her bachelor’s degree in international business management. She went on to work in the corporate world after that. She is now a successful entrepreneur and a managing partner in her husband’s medical practice.

Professional and Personal Life

Chiu, born in Taiwan and spent most of her career in the beauty sector as a public relations assistant before joining her husband’s luxury medspa as a managing partner, is Taiwanese. Gabriel Chiu is Christine Chiu’s spouse, and the couple has two children.

Plastic surgery is Gabriel Chiu’s specialty, and he is board certified. After completing his studies in microbiology and immunology at the University of California, Berkeley, he got an osteopathic medical degree from California’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Pacific-Western University of Health Sciences.

Furthermore, the Chiu’s are generous people. They collaborate with various humanitarian groups, including the Costume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative, in addition to increasing their plastic surgery practice.

The Chiu’s support many charity organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Step Up Woman’s Network.

In 2019, Chiu and her husband joined Prince Charles in Cumnock, Scotland, to establish the Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme. The goal of this program is to provide complete healthcare to citizens.

In her article “Dynasties in China,” Jennifer Chiu mentions that her child is the present heir to the 24th dynasty. Jennifer Chiu claimed that the older Gabriel is “the Song Dynasty’s twenty-fourth direct descendant.”

She considers the morality of the things she buys regularly. She discards items too similar to others and even assesses whether clothing is priced appropriately.

Chiu was first hesitant to share her work with celebrities, and she refrained from purchasing a Chanel garment after seeing Jessica Chastain do so. Chastain’s use of the outfit was inspiring to Chiu. She ultimately opted to buy the clothing because she expected Chastain to be a poor choice.

If you’re curious about the characters’ lifestyles in Crazy Rich Asians, you should watch Bling Empire on Netflix. It follows a group of “crazy rich” Asian-Americans as they go about their regular lives.

Christine Chiu is a contradictory character since she is both Netflix’s “couture queen” and a parent who affected the level of scrutiny placed on her personal life. As a result, she’s a fascinating character.

Christine Chiu’s Husband: Who Is He?

Gabriel Chiu, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, married to a DWTS contestant, is well-known in the celebrity world.

Since he is the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty, Christine Chiu and their baby Gabriel III (aka Baby G) would be the next in line to the throne if Chinese royals and dynasties were still relevant today.

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According to Christine Chiu, many people assumed she married Gabriel for his money, but this was not true. Gabriel, her first employee, is supposed to have met her on the job.

Television Shows Acting

The second “Bling Empire” season will premiere on March 10, 2021, even though Chiu had no plans to appear in the first season. Chiu revealed much personal information about herself and her family on the show.

She’s been saying for nine years that her husband’s family irritates her. This was due to her inability to conceive.

Even though her co-stars had grown bored of Chiu’s name-dropping to demonstrate her vast network, she persisted. She’ll undoubtedly change things up in season two. Nobody is aware of how much the actors are paid for each episode.

It must, however, be adequate to keep their interest in returning. Chiu is also working on Dancing with the Stars: ‘The Walking Dead.’ She told Screenrant that she was a big ballet fan as a child. And her dancing grew into a way for her to express her love.

Net Worth

Christine Chiu is one of the Bling Empire’s most successful stars. She has been living a luxury lifestyle since the success of this series, and her net worth is reported to be between $50 and $80 million.

In addition, the net worth includes earnings from Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., as well as the entirety of the company’s stock, which is a medical facility where a significant number of celebrities go for treatment, mainly plastic surgery.

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Real Estate

Gabriel and Christine bought a home in Beverly Hills for $4.55 million in 2014. Russell Simmons, a hip-hop mogul, sold the house. He and his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons had lived there before. In 2015, Gabriel and Christine put their home on the market for $10,500,000. In May 2016, they said yes to an offer of $8.7 million. Zoe Saldana bought the car.

Gabriel and Christine live in Malibu and Bel-Air now.



Christine Chiu could only express her pain through dancing after her mother’s death. She was in the audience during the first season of “Dancing with the Stars.” The philanthropist has been cast in the 30th season of the television show. Hearing the news made her wet her pants.

Even a dance fan had to check herself to ensure she wasn’t hallucinating. Chiu will be well compensated for her time on the show, which she will dedicate to her mother. She will begin with a $125,000 beginning pay. According to Parade, she will receive $10,000 in the third and fourth weeks.

Chiu will be paid $15,000 if she makes it to the fifth week, and he will be paid $20,000 if she makes it to the sixth and seventh weeks. Chiu will be awarded $30,000 if she can make it through weeks eight and nine.

Who is the richest in Bling Empire?

Anna is worth $600 million, making her the wealthiest member of the Bling Empire group.


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