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Chilean Burglary Gang Allegedly Captured on Tape by Homeowners’ Security Systems in New Jersey

Authorities said Tuesday that two men, who they believe were part of a large-scale Chilean burglary gang, were seen on a live indoor camera stream stealing jewelry and other valuables from a home in Bergen County on Thanksgiving.

In the neighborhood of Rochelle Park, New York, a call was made to police at 7:30. Two persons were believed to be inside a Peek Street residence on Thursday.
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In a statement, Lt. James M. DePreta of the Rochelle Park Police Department said that the suspects were seen on a live video wearing gloves, masks, and flashlights after being activated by motion detectors within the building.

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When local police, along with their counterparts from Paramus and Maywood, finally made it to the residence, they discovered a smashed window in the back. According to the police, when they entered the building, they located a male on the second story.

Jewelry and watches were found on the floor near the suspect, according to DePreta.

Victor Ramirez-Trincosi, 40, of Chile, was arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering, theft, and possession of burglary equipment.
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Apparently, a second thief also managed to get away before the cops arrived. The unidentified individual was captured on camera at the crime scene and released by police in Rochelle Park.

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Police said they took Ramirez-Trincosi, who had recently arrived from Chile to the Bergen County Jail to await his court appearance.

According to DePreta, a detective has tied Ramirez-Trincosi to another burglary in Ridgewood and is now looking for the second suspect, along with anyone else who may have been engaged in any of the crimes that occurred on Thanksgiving Day.

The individuals “are likely part of a larger scale Chilean burglary crew,” DePreta stated in his statement.

DePreta said police had requested residents to look through their security footage for evidence of the alleged robbers.


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