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HomenewsWoman From New Jersey Found Dead After Crash in Cross Bronx

Woman From New Jersey Found Dead After Crash in Cross Bronx

Shelly Vilsaint, 49 years old, was the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident that resulted in her death, according to the police in Bayonne, New Jersey.

An accident was reported to have occurred on the westbound side of the Cross Bronx Expressway at University Avenue at approximately midnight today.
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The police rushed to the scene.

When the officers arrived, they saw three cars, including two tractor-trailers and a Land Rover SUV, burning in the middle lane of the freeway.

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It was determined that Vilsaint, the driver of the 2019 Land Rover, had passed away at the scene of the accident.

According to the findings of an investigation conducted by the Collision Investigation Squad of the New York Police Department’s Highway District, a 2013 tractor-trailer was rear-ended by a Land Rover.

After the collision, Vilsaint and the driver of the tractor-trailer continued to travel in the same lane, which is designated as the center lane.

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The SUV was then struck from behind by a second tractor-trailer, which caused the Land Rover to be driven into the first tractor-trailer’s rear end, which in turn caused the SUV to flip over. The collision started a fire, which quickly spread to all three cars and consumed them.

The two drivers of the tractor-trailers were not hurt and remained at the scene of the accident.
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As of right now, there have been no arrests made, and the case is still being looked into.


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