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Cash Tolls at the Lincoln Tunnel Have Been Eliminated, and the System is Now Entirely Electronic.

On time, the Lincoln Tunnel between New Jersey and New York no longer accepts cash tolls.

Last month, it was announced by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that beginning on the morning of December 11, all cash booths in the Lincoln Tunnel will be shut down.
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This is the final Port Authority crossing to implement all-digital tolling.
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The $500 million effort to improve the toll collection systems at six crossings was completed on Sunday when the tolls were switched to cashless tolling.

In 2019, all three of Staten Island’s bridges were upgraded, and in 2020, the Holland Tunnel will follow suit. In July, the George Washington Bridge converted to cashless, electronic tolling.

Going future, E-ZPass and Toll-By-Mail will be used interchangeably to collect all tolls. New this year are overhead gantries that can scan E-ZPass or take a vehicle’s license plate.

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The Port Authority believes that other crossings’ implementation of electronic tolling has improved safety. After cashless tolls were implemented, the number of accidents involving motor vehicles decreased by 70%.

The Port Authority’s executive director, Rick Cotton, referred to the upgrade as a “win-win for all drivers who use our crossings” because it would save time for commuters, reduce the number of accidents that occur in toll lanes, and lessen the amount of pollution caused by cars idling while their drivers wait to pay in cash.

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According to the Port Authority, more than 3,4 million vehicles passed through the Lincoln Tunnel in July 2022.


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