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HomenewsPennsylvania Vehicle Title White-washing Ring Sold Stolen Autos in Nj

Pennsylvania Vehicle Title White-washing Ring Sold Stolen Autos in Nj

This week, authorities in Pennsylvania broke up a criminal ring that specialized in “title white-washing,” or changing the color of a vehicle’s official registration.

The group planned to transport stolen and unmarketable vehicles into states like New York and New Jersey in an effort to avoid legal titling requirements there.

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Thirty people and twenty-one businesses have been charged with criminal offenses in Lebanon, Lehigh, and Philadelphia counties for re-titling stolen vehicles, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The purpose of the title-washing fraud was to get over the stringent criteria for rebuilt titles in states like New Jersey and New York.

To facilitate their resale or export, the thieves behind these car thefts changed the names on the titles to make them sound more official.

In order to prevent police discovery of stolen vehicles, members of these criminal networks are suspected of purchasing wrecked vehicles, faking inspection information, submitting fake title applications to PennDOT, and deleting and replacing VINs.

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Multiple members of a criminal ring in northern Pennsylvania were arrested earlier this year.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro stated, “The defendants utilized their positions and knowledge of PennDOT rules to deceive state and federal authorities and put unsuspecting drivers in danger.”

To safeguard the safety of the public, vehicles that have been declared total losses must be repaired and then subjected to a more stringent safety check.

Instead, the defendants let hundreds of badly damaged vehicles back onto Pennsylvania and U.S. roads without giving them a second glance.

They deceived authorities and endangered consumers to make millions in illicit earnings. We put an end to this widespread criminal activity today.

In this scam, so-called “improved vehicle safety inspectors” would feign doing their jobs while actually skipping over the inspections needed to make a wrecked car drivable again.

They said they examined vehicles in Pennsylvania, but it turns out some of those vehicles never even made it there. Investigation revealed that several of the automobiles had been stolen from other states.

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his team deserve praise for their work on this investigation and the subsequent charges, said James Martin, district attorney for Lehigh County.

For their efforts in this case, “I salute and thank Chief Deputy District Attorney David Mussel and members of the Lehigh County Auto Theft Task Force.”

The following corporations were also charged alongside the 30 individuals arrested:

  • We are Mendoza Auto Sales, Inc.
  • The G&G Auto Body & Salvage Inc.
  • Firm Carla Matia, LLC
  • Auto Abby
  • Founded in 1985, Saldivar Group is an American business.
  • J&M Automobiles, Co., Ltd.
  • Jessica’s Automotive & Mechanical Services
  • Auto Service by Wilfredo
  • Our company, Emma Auto Tags and Multiservices, Inc.
  • Docuservices
  • Autos From A to Z
  • The Auto Shop of Charo
  • Vehicle Sales by AMCO
  • Incorporated MP Notary and Tags
  • Auto and Truck Sales, J&J, L.L.C.
  • Title and Registration in Pennsylvania
  • The Finest in Car Maintenance and Sales
  • Auto Showroom Santos
  • Grig, a Limited Liability Company
  • LLC Newroad Motors
  • Used Cars Sold by Amatti Auto Sales, LLC

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