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During Dispute, Man Throws Huge Wine Bottles at Linden, New Jersey Liquor Shop Workers.

Exciting moments were made when a man went on a rant and began destroying bottles at a liquor store in New Jersey.
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The man was arrested after the incident.

A security film was able to record the brutal assault that took place on November 30 at Beno’s Liquor store in Linden.

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According to reports, the customer became irate and threatened to kill the personnel of the store when they refused to provide them with a discount on the cost of the liquor that they wanted to purchase.

The man resumed his attack on the workers by flinging five really large bottles of red wine at them.

Two of the workers were harmed as a result of the mishap. As a direct result of the assault, there was property damage of $3,000.

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So far, nobody has been taken into custody by the authorities.

On Saturday, a construction worker in the state of New Jersey was impaled by a reinforcing bar while working at a building site in the state. As a result, a careful rescue effort was carried out in the state.


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