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Fans Love Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde – Check Out Her New look

Ana de Armas will star in ‘Blonde,’ a new Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe that will premiere on September 28th.

In the most recent behind-the-scenes images, the actress is practically unrecognisable.

Many people, including Jamie Lee Curtis, applaud De Armas’ portrayal of the role.

Ana de Armas New Look in Blonde

In the latest trailer for her next film Blonde, Ana de Armas is practically unrecognisable from the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The star recently posted both the teaser and a slew of behind-the-scenes photographs, generating a lot of excitement for the film, which is due to launch on Netflix on September 28th.

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Fans were astounded by the actress’s uncanny likeness to the Hollywood bombshell, complete with blonde hair, Monroe’s distinctive mole, and smouldering makeup. De Armas posted a series of images to social media yesterday, captioning them, “it was such a privilege” to be a part of “this magnificent endeavour.”


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With so much buzz surrounding the film and de Armas’ portrayal of Monroe, fans and celebrities alike are voicing their support. Jamie Lee Curtis joined the discussion, just weeks after she was open about her first impressions of her former co-star.

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Curtis revealed with embarrassment that she thought de Armas “was an inexperienced, unsophisticated young woman,” but she rapidly changed her tune after working with the talented actress on Knives Out, confessing she was “so pleased” by her.

Curtis promoted the Blonde in her own post yesterday, writing, “Go ahead and blow up the internet, my lovely friend!” @blondethefilm @ana d armas.”


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And boy, did the internet go crazy. “I’m getting chills,” one admirer said beneath the movie preview. “Can’t wait for this!” said another. In response to further behind-the-scenes photographs, one commenter said, “an uncanny likeness.” “You are Marilyn,” says another.

De Armas even teased fans with details about her character. “Watched by everyone, seen by none,” de Armas captioned her long-awaited trailer post. “BLONDE will be available on Netflix on September 28th.” Netflix’s #BlondeOnNetflix.”


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The trailer begins with de Armas as Monroe smiling and blowing a kiss into a mirror before abruptly turning to reveal a larger picture. Scene after scene depicts the actress battling with the complexities of her public persona, all while a spooky rendition of Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend plays in the background.

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“Marilyn Monroe does not exist,” the star says in the movie. “I’m Norma Jean when I walk out of my dressing room.” When the camera is rolling, I’m still her. Marilyn Monroe exists exclusively on the screen.”

Ana de Armas Movie Blonde

De Armas has detailed the level of dedication needed for her dazzling debut as Monroe. “We worked on this picture for hours, every single day for almost a year,” de Armas stated to Netflix Queue. “I studied hundreds of images, videos, audio recordings, films, and whatever else I could get my hands on.” “Each scenario is based on an existing photograph.”

De Armas made another Instagram post about Blonde a few weeks ago, outlining her goal for the film, which was “to show a version of Marilyn Monroe’s life through her lens…to experience what it genuinely felt like to not only be Marilyn, but also Norma Jeane.” “That was the most brave, unabashed, and feminist interpretation on her story I’d ever seen.”

And it’s evident that de Armas values the role—on Norma Jean’s birthday, June 1st, the actress posted an homage, writing, “Happy birthday, Norma.” I’m looking forward to celebrating you this year.”

We’re fully sucked in by both the film’s captivating teaser and de Armas’ dedication to the legendary part. We’re not sure about you, but we’re already getting ready for the September 28th release date.

Blonde Release Date

Netflix had confirmed a 2022 release date for the film, which they kept. Blonde was unveiled by Netflix on June 16th, 2022, just in time for awards season. Netflix later changed the release date to Wednesday, September 28.

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