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Purple Hearts Ending Explained : Watch How This Romantic Film End !

The movie Purple Hearts, which stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, is now available to watch on Netflix. The new Netflix original movie is based on Tess Wakefield’s book of the same name. It tells the story of a troubled U.S. Marine who falls in love with an aspiring musician.

Purple Hearts is the perfect movie for people who like Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes’s books. You will feel a lot of different things as you watch the romantic drama. You’re laughing one minute and crying the next. Still, you can’t help but watch the whole movie to find out what happens to the main characters.

Purple Hearts Ending Explained : Watch How This Romantic Film End !

“But what happens when the movie is over?
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Cassie and Luke get together in the end? We watched the whole movie Purple Hearts on Netflix and talked about what happens at the end. If you need a summary or just want to know what happens at the end, we’ve written it down below.”

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What Happen in Purple Heart Ending?

After Cassie confronts Luke about his relationship with Johnno, she kicks him out of her house and gives him until she gets back from her show to get his things and leave. She also tells him he can stay with his dad and brother and tell them they’re getting a divorce.

While Cassie is on stage at her show that night, Luke runs around the city to get his legs moving again and build up his stamina. A U.S. Marine pulls up in his car in front of Luke while he is taking a break from running.

He tells Luke that he has to go back with him to the Marine Corps Base. Later, Luke’s father calls Cassie to tell her that Luke has been arrested and charged with fraud. He also tells Cassie that Luke’s trial will be in a few weeks and that the police will soon ask her about her part in the marriage scheme.

What Happen in Purple Heart Ending?

Then, it jumps to the day of Luke’s trial, and Cassie shows up at the Marine Corps Base where the trial is taking place. Luke starts to think about how all of this will affect Cassie as the charges are read to him. Luke tells the military judge that he wants to say something after he has made up his mind.

He tells the military judge a lie and says that he forced Cassie to take part in the fake marriage in order to protect her. Luke’s word is good enough for the military judge, who tells him that after his six-month sentence is over, he will be kicked out for bad behaviour. Cassie gets away with nothing.

Then, there are cuts between Cassie and her band playing at the Hollywood Bowl and Luke getting ready to go to prison. As Cassie sings, she starts to remember all the fun times she had with Luke. What does this mean, though?

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In Purple Hearts, do Cassie and Luke end up together?

Yes! Cassie runs to her dressing room to get her things to leave as soon as her song is over. She wants to get where she needs to go so badly that she doesn’t even pay attention to her fans.

She calls Luke as she drives to where she needs to go. At this point, viewers know that Cassie is going to meet Luke, but Luke isn’t answering the phone.

In Purple Hearts, do Cassie and Luke end up together?

Luke gets to the base to do his time, and as Cassie pulls up, he says goodbye to his family. Cassie gets out of the car and runs to Luke. She tells Luke that she wants to be with him and that she will wait for him while he is in jail.

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Cassie ends her speech on an emotional note by telling Luke she loves him. At first, Luke doesn’t want to answer, but then he tells Cassie that he loves her back. Cassie and Luke give each other a passionate kiss as Luke’s family cheers them on.

Luke gives Cassie his ring and tells her to take good care of it after they stop kissing. He then walks away to get in a van.
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Cassie puts the ring on her finger as she watches Luke walk away. Cassie keeps yelling “I love you” to Luke as soon as the van starts to move.

Then, six months go by quickly, and Luke is now a free man. The scene shows Cassie, Luke, and their dog walking to the beach to have a picnic. As they walk along the beach, they look like they are very happy with each other. At the end of the movie, Cassie and Luke run hand in hand into the water.

Does Sofia Carson sing in Purple Hearts?

Purple Hearts and its music are not your typical story about a boy and a girl who fall in love.

Sofia Carson sing in Purple Hearts

When the audience first sees Cassie, she is on stage with her band The Loyal singing Neil Diamond’s classic “Sweet Caroline.” The crowd is singing along.

Note: Purple Heart is based on real novel.

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