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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsAn Individual From Jersey City Sets Fire to Stacks of Clothing Before...

An Individual From Jersey City Sets Fire to Stacks of Clothing Before Attempting to Steal a Television From a Walmart in Bayonne

According to Police Capt. Eric Amato, Leroy Rabb, Jr., 41, of Jersey City was charged with shoplifting, aggravated arson, risking/causing widespread injury or damage, endangering the welfare of children, and two warrants for contempt.

These charges are in addition to the two warrants for contempt that were issued against him.

Rabb was taken into custody at approximately 10:26 o’clock in the morning from the parking lot of the Walmart located at 500 Bayonne Crossing Way in Bayonne, New Jersey. A fire was reported to be occurring inside the store, therefore the police were called to investigate.

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Amato also stated that while there were approximately 550 customers (50 of whom were infants and toddlers) and 100 employees present in the store at the time of the arson, there were not any injuries or extensive damages reported as a result of the incident.

Amato also stated that while there were approximately 550 customers (50 of whom were infants and toddlers), there were also approximately 100 employees present.

When the police arrived, they found staff and customers leaving the store in the process of evacuating the building.

As soon as the authorities started their inquiry, they were directed to two aisles of the store where there were heaps of clothing that had been burned and were lying on the floor.

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Someone did not identify themselves as the arsonist who set fire to the articles of clothes, but the personnel was able to put out the flames safely.

As the officers proceeded to analyze the camera footage, they were able to witness a man, who they later determined to be Rabb, deliberately setting fire to the apparel before making his way to the electronics part of the store.

Once he reached the electronics section, he was seen taking what seemed to be a television out of the display case and then walking away from the checkout area without making any attempt to pay for the item.

Rabb was spotted by officers shortly as he was standing behind a parked vehicle in the parking lot. Once he was identified and taken into custody, he was taken into custody. His description was broadcast to all of the units.

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During the process of his arrest, it was discovered that he was sought on two outstanding warrants. One of the warrants was issued out of Jersey City, while the other was issued out of Hudson County Superior Court.

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Sapna Pal
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