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How This Penn Student Aided New Jersey Legislators in Passing an Interracial Marriage Bill

Legislators in Trenton are considering new legislation that would ensure the federal protection of the freedom to marry people of any race under state law.

This measure allows individuals to marry or form civil unions with individuals of any race. Monday, the whole parliament backed it 78-0.

The bill’s sponsor is Essex County Assemblyman John McKeon. McKeon stated that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has paved the way for further erosion of rights such as interracial marriage, and that this law will protect the right of New Jersey couples to marry whoever they chose.

The bill was just adopted by New Jersey lawmakers, but Jordan Ortiz, a political science major at the University of Pennsylvania, is in favour of it.

Ortiz interned for McKeon, who provides his interns the opportunity to present bill proposals.

Ortiz went straight to work and claims that his personal experience as the product of an interracial marriage inspired his ideas.

Ortiz stated, “I am the product of an interracial union.” “And when I got to the topic of interracial marriage, I noticed that it was not yet codified in New Jersey. I could not be located in any of the state codes, so I thought it would be a good idea to propose this.”

McKeon stated, “I believe this embodies the moral compass of our state, and I’m glad to have sponsored it.”

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy supports the bill as well.

“It permits you to marry or form a civil partnership with anybody you choose, regardless of their race or sexual orientation. You have the freedom to marry anyone you choose “Murphy said.

Ortiz acknowledges that the law has a long way to go, but he is excited to be a part of it and effect change for future generations.

“They have the same right as my parents to a love and happy marriage,” Ortiz added.

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