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A Perverse Financial Incentive Causes the Foster Care System to Unnecessarily Take in Thousands of Children

California has nearly 60,000 foster children. Los Angeles County has over 33,000 foster children.

These numbers are problematic because over half of foster children might have stayed with their parents. Some investigations found that over half of the children were needlessly placed in foster care.

The LA Daily News investigated child welfare for two years. 73% of children could have stayed with their parents, according to the report.

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Unfortunately, CPS personnel don’t prioritize child welfare. They simply remove children from their parents for money. Foster children receive $30,000 and special needs children up to $150,000 from the county.

As you can expect, many of these youngsters are classified as “special needs” even though they are OK.

Not just California. Foster children number over 407,000 nationwide. Over 200,000 children were needlessly snatched from their homes and innocent parents. Children are routinely placed in more perilous environments than their homes.

CPS employees accuse innocent parents to remove children from their homes.
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Removing children from their homes traumatizes them. Parents who lose their children are traumatized.

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Child welfare workers don’t care. More foster kids mean more money. Foster care is a moneymaker.

The Clinton Administration’s 1997 Adoptions and Safe Families Act gave foster children monetary incentives. Title IV-E grants provided economic incentives for each child placed in foster care, shifting the focus from reuniting families.
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This has forced thousands of youngsters into foster care without cause. Yes, some children should be removed from their parents. The child is in danger of being abused.

Unfortunately, many removed children are not. Over half of the children removed from their parents are removed for financial reasons. False accusations against innocent parents are terminating parental rights.

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Contravenes the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has long upheld parents’ right to raise their children.

Congress is introducing the Parental Rights Amendment. This amendment safeguards parents’ right to raise, educate, and care for their children.


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