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HomenewsA $250 Million Case Against Trump is Still Pending in New York,...

A $250 Million Case Against Trump is Still Pending in New York, and the Judge is Considering Sanctions Against Trump’s Legal Team.

In fresh court documents released on Thursday, it was revealed that the judge presiding over New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million civil action against former President Trump is considering whether to reprimand his attorneys.

In an email to the attorneys, Judge Arthur Engoron stated he “is considering applying sanctions for frivolous litigation” in response to Trump’s move to dismiss the lawsuit.
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Alina Habba, Christopher Kise, and Clifford Robert, lawyers for Trump, contended that the lawsuit should be thrown out on the grounds that the attorney general had the legal authority to file suit.

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They also said that “the NYAG has conducted this crusade against all things Trump,” a phrase that is similar to Trump’s use of the term “witch hunt.”

Engoron remarked that they were the “identical legal arguments that this Court has rejected.”

“[D]efendants are making the same arguments based on the same facts and the same law,” Engoron wrote in his email. The counsel for the defense wrote back saying they had represented their client well.
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“There was and is no purpose to disobey or show contempt for the Court or its findings; nonetheless, basic principles of advocacy and established law necessitate presentation and preservation of arguments even where there is, respectfully, disagreement between the parties and/or the Court.

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This is fundamental to the adversarial process, and it in no way represents an intention to dishonor the Court or obstruct the progress of these proceedings “the counterclaim stated.

Senior lawyer Kevin Wallace wrote to Judge Engoron that “the manner of the rehashed arguments here appears geared to extend the proceedings and needlessly divert the parties’ and court’s resources” without expressing an opinion on whether Engoron should impose sanctions.

Having looked into Trump’s business dealings for three years, James finally filed her case against him in September.

Trump, his three eldest children, Trump Organization, and two employees are named in a lawsuit that accuses them of fraud for manipulating the value of the Trump real estate portfolio to lower interest rates and lower tax liabilities.

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Trump categorically denies the allegations made in the case, including that the defendants overstated Trump’s net worth to get better credit terms than they were entitled to.


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