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Lawmakers in South Carolina Are Attempting to Make Medical Marijuana Available to Patients.

The debate to legalise marijuana for medical use in South Carolina is still going on.

In January of 2022, Michael Priester, a native of South Carolina who resides in Georgia and is undergoing treatment for cancer in the Peach State, was given a diagnosis with lymphoma cancer.

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Priester stated that gummies purchased from a CBD retailer have assisted him in coping with the negative effects of chemotherapy.
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“I had no choice but to visit the CBD retailer,” Priester explained. “And I had a conversation with the lady, and since they had previously assisted cancer patients, she suggested that I try the Delta 9 because it is the product that most closely resembles marijuana.”

Priester is in favor of the two proposals that have already been pre-filed in the South Carolina legislature to legalize the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

The first piece of legislation is referred to as the “Put Patients First Act.” The “SC Compassionate Care Act” is the second piece of legislation.

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According to South Carolina House Representative Jerry Carter, “It’s very controlled that physicians would have to prescribe medical marijuana.”

“There must be licensed dispensaries so that the process can be completely controlled, and it is solely for the use of marijuana for medical purposes; in no way is it related to or provides for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.”


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