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A Viral Tik Tok Star Deems New Jersey’s Italian Restaurants to Be Shabby and Uninspired

Most of us are particular about where we dine out. Why would we not be? We will pay for the lunch.

Typically, we choose our go-to restaurant and stick with it, occasionally taking a friend’s recommendation.

A Tik Tik influencer has gained attention after making a bold remark. She claims to loathe every Italian restaurant in the tri-state area.

That is correct. Not only New Jersey but also New York and Pennsylvania.

Meet Francesca. Her Tik Tok video indicates that she is Italian American.

She has numerous videos about New Jersey travel, cuisine, and way of life.

Her most recent Tik Tok may go viral for all the wrong reasons.

In it, she states simply that she dislikes the vast majority of Italian restaurants she has visited in the tri-state area. Isn’t hatred a powerful word?

Francesca adds that the majority of Italian restaurants in New Jersey are “Italian-American” and not authentic. As a result, the cuisine is inexpensive and sloppy. Ouch.

What makes Italian-American cuisine unhealthy? According to Francesca, it is “lacking in flavour and texture” and identical.

To be honest, she is partially correct that some Italian restaurants are quite formulaic.

I’ll also give Francesca credit because she concludes the video by requesting recommendations in the video’s comment section.

In the coming weeks, she will visit these establishments in an attempt to uncover authentic Italian cuisine that meets her high criteria.

Let’s take a look at the iconic restaurants Francesca ought to dine at, as well as those that people have voted for. Is your favourite item listed? If not, please inform me! [email protected]

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