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Government Officials Are Worried About a Post-holiday Spike in Covid and Rsv Cases.

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) Some local schools have reinstated the use of face masks. Philadelphia and Camden’s students are currently in a two-week period of coverage. People spent a lot of time indoors due to the weather or because they were celebrating the holidays or traveling.

Government workers are presently engaged in an effort to forestall an epidemic of infection.

Philadelphia children have worn disguises to school on the first day of the new year. Officials are worried that respiratory diseases including COVID, flu, and RSV will surge after the holidays.

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Doctor William Schaffner, an expert in infectious diseases, predicts a spike in patients after the holidays.

According to the CDC’s mapping of influenza activity, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have severe outbreaks, while COVID is making a comeback in the Garden State.

We’ve seen a doubling of the population since just a few weeks ago, for example, “The head of infection control at Virtua Health, Dr.

Martin Topiel, made the following statement. We haven’t seen this many in almost a whole year.

Topiel claims that the increase in cases of COVID is primarily affecting the elderly and those with impaired immune systems.

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Topiel remarked that the omicron virus population had not yet been “completely bolstered” with the bivalent vaccine. In other words, “everything is falling into place for us to have this surge.”

In recent times, XBB.1.5, a novel subvariant of omicron, has emerged. Today, it’s responsible for about 40% of all such incidents. Rising to 46% from 22% on Christmas Eve.

Topiel predicted that this trend will soon become mainstream. “And I fear that that will allow COVID to spread throughout January.

In his words, “We have a couple of distinct things coming together,” Topiel explained.
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“All the leftovers from the New Year’s celebrations are here. However, a new variation is emerging, and its transmission rate appears to be considerably higher than that of earlier omicron viruses.”

More and more medical professionals are advising their patients to wear face masks whenever they visit a crowded indoor facility as a result. Vaccines are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, as they can cut the risk of infection by roughly 70%.

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It is not too late to get vaccinated against influenza and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), warn medical professionals.


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