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Twitter Files: Musk claims that the US Government Asked that 250,000 accounts, Including Those of Journalists, Be Suspended.

The interaction between the social media firm and governmental organisations, including how the US government “demanded” that the social media behemoth suspend over 250,000 accounts, is described in a recent release of internal Twitter correspondence.

journalists and Canadian officials were among the 250K accounts that the US government agency ordered be suspended! On Tuesday night, Elon Musk responded to a thread on Twitter from the journalist Matt Taibbi.

According to Taibbi, Twitter has been under constant and increasing pressure from the US government to cooperate with Congress in its investigation of Russian activity on the social media network.

Following that, a task force set up by Twitter to look for Russian influence on the platform displayed “no coordinated” effort and mostly consisted of “lone-wolf” accounts with modest ad buys.

Despite the results, the social media site started working with Congress to restrict content and link up to combat purported Russian disinformation.

Twitter then suspended almost 250,000 accounts as a result of pressure from the US government, including accounts linked to journalists who questioned the origins of the outbreak and accounts that followed “two or more” Chinese official accounts.

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