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Though New York is Making Great Strides in Overtaking New Jersey as the Leader in Sports Betting, New Jersey Still Holds the Top Spot.

Sports betting is big business in New Jersey. You didn’t imagine that would be the situation a decade ago, did you?

With the 2018 removal of PASPA by the New Jersey Supreme Court, however, it has become just that. In the four years since sports betting became legal, New Jersey has raked in $31 billion, more than any other state.

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However, New Yorkers’ shown interest in sports betting is quickly closing the gap.

The center of basketball, culture, and commerce will soon be adding sports betting to its already impressive list of accolades.

The figure above shows that New Jersey has a sizable lead over the competition, but this year, New York has established itself as the premier sports-betting destination.

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New York had the biggest wagering total in the US in 2022, at over $14 billion, about double the next highest state (New Jersey). As things stand, New York is expected to surpass New Jersey as the leader in sports betting handling by the year 2025.
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There is no doubt that New York and New Jersey are the beginning and end of the sports betting industry.
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To satisfy New York’s gambling population, only a few casinos are needed.


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