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HomenewsIn New Jersey, Snap (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Benefits Have Been Raised.

In New Jersey, Snap (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Benefits Have Been Raised.

STATE OF NEW JERSEY, WOODBRIDGE — The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits have increased in the state of New Jersey.

Low-income families can use their SNAP benefits card in grocery stores and some farmer’s markets to buy food.
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Income and available resources are among the criteria used to determine eligibility. Budgets can be stretched further and healthy food can be purchased using SNAP subsidies.
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People have had to deal with inflation and the rising cost of basic necessities for a considerable amount of time. The end result is that more of our neighbors are struggling to put enough healthful food on their tables.

SNAP has been a crucial resource for many of them “Craig Coughlin (D-19th Dist.), the current Speaker of the California Assembly, made the following statement.

“A proven means of raising up all those left susceptible to food insecurity, from our youngsters to elders, with direct support to pay for groceries, the program remains a crucial instrument within our greater hunger fighting toolbox. We did something to strengthen it last year “What he said next was noteworthy, he said.

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Coughlin recently announced that the monthly minimum payout for all SNAP-eligible households in the state would be raised to $50.

“That’s tremendously crucial to our working families and elders, especially as we brace for the end of pandemic-era government extensions to SNAP that offered enormous relief to sustain people.”

Coughlin serves Carteret and Woodbridge as part of his parliamentary district. See if you are eligible to get SNAP benefits.


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