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HomenewsThe Anchor Program, Which Offers $1,500 to Eligible New Jersey Residents, is...

The Anchor Program, Which Offers $1,500 to Eligible New Jersey Residents, is Now Accepting Applications.

Residents of New Jersey have till the end of the month to submit their applications; this will provide financial aid throughout the year.
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New Jersey homeowners have until January 31st to apply for the Affordable Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) programme.
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A homeowner will receive $1,500 if their annual income is $150,000 or less. They owe the state of New Jersey $1,000 if their annual income is over $150,000.

Tenant Participation in the Program

However, renters will receive a far smaller compensation than homeowners will for participating in this programme. Renters who have applied for this programme will each receive a $450 check, regardless of whether or not their annual income is $150,000 or less.

You will need your ANCHOR ID and PIN to register for the programme. When applying over the phone or by dialling 877-658-2972, you’ll need your ACHOR ID and PIN.

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Residents who are interested in applying can print off a paper application from the website and mail it in together with the necessary supporting materials.

The Department of Taxation recommends that tenants apply for this programme online rather than by phone because tenants are not provided with a unique identifier or personal identification number (ID or PIN) to apply over the phone.


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