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How To Use YouTube Desktop Site From Your Android Phone?

YouTube is a treasure trove of interesting videos, educational content, and how-to guides for just about anything. What happens, though, if you don’t possess a mobile device? Not to worry. Computers can use desktop apps for YouTube. We’ll outline every method for you to access YouTube desktop in this article.

To get the most out of video streaming, you may need to utilize the desktop site. Even though mobile devices now account for more than half of all internet traffic, there may be times when using YouTube on a desktop computer is necessary.

This blog is for you if you’re still unsure whether to utilize the desktop or mobile version of YouTube. In order for you to make an informed choice, we will go over the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Here’s how to access YouTube on your phone or tablet using the desktop version.

Does YouTube Have a Desktop App?

Yes, the official desktop app lets you use YouTube on a desktop computer.

YouTube Desktop

  • The application must first be downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • Open the app after installation, then sign in with your Google account.
  • You can watch videos and conduct content searches with ease on the desktop version of the website because it looks similar to the mobile version.
  • Additionally, the desktop version differs from the mobile version in a number of ways. For instance, you can download videos to your computer and watch them offline while playing them in full-screen mode. The app also allows you to view associated videos and watch comments on videos.
  • To find the finest videos on YouTube Desktop, there are a number of techniques and tactics. Simply use the standard procedures for browsing through videos and noting hot tags and other cues that point to high-quality content.

Viewing YouTube Desktop Site on Android Devices

YouTube Desktop

  • Select the menu icon in the YouTube app on your Android smartphone.
  • Click “Settings” before choosing “Request Desktop Site.” This will cause your Android device to launch the desktop website.
  • Use the menu items or search bar to locate the information you want to view. The “Up Next” feature also allows you to watch a video or a series of videos in chronological order.
  • You can access videos using any of the available categories after visiting the desktop site. This covers trending, suggested, and popular videos.
  • Just tap a video to start it playing in order to watch it. The playback controls are located at the bottom of the screen and allow you to pause or end a video.
  • To exit a video after you’ve done watching it, click anywhere on the screen other than the “X” in the corner. Any dialog box that appears can be closed by selecting “OK” in it.

YouTube Desktop With Google Chrome

YouTube Desktop

The best Android browser for viewing the desktop version of YouTube is Google Chrome. Open Google Chrome and enter into the address bar to do this. The website will automatically switch to the desktop version of YouTube after it has loaded. Additionally, you can watch videos incognito in Google Chrome to avoid leaving a trail in your browsing history.

By doing this, you’ll be able to stream videos in private without downloading them to your computer or signing into an account. Additionally, you may use a mobile device to access your preferred YouTube video anywhere thanks to Google Chrome’s built-in mobile access function.

YouTube Desktop in Firefox

On Android smartphones, the Firefox browser can be used to visit YouTube desktops. With the use of a browser extension, users may access the entire YouTube desktop site, including all of its features like playlists, subscriptions, and suggested videos.

YouTube Desktop

Firefox users can save YouTube videos to their devices for offline watching, add bookmarks, search for specific videos, find and watch specific material simply, and stream or download a mobile version of a video without an internet connection.

Users may obtain the complete YouTube desktop experience and save time by accessing all of its features from a single browser by utilizing the Firefox browser on Android smartphones.

YouTube Desktop in Opera

Popular for its adaptability and performance, Opera is a browser. It supports a wide range of operating systems and is accessible on a number of platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users can access YouTube’s desktop version, which has a more feature-rich user interface than the mobile app.

YouTube Desktop

Open the Opera browser and navigate to on your Android device to access the desktop version of YouTube. Once there, click “Request Desktop Site” to access YouTube’s desktop version. Then, you may use all of YouTube’s features that are available on the desktop version.

Viewing YouTube Desktop Site on iOS Devices

The steps listed below can be used to access the YouTube desktop website on an iOS device:

  • Open your preferred browser and navigate to
  • Register an account.
  • View the desktop version by scrolling down.

You should now be redirected to the desktop version of YouTube! Use the features listed below to personalize your desktop site experience.

  • Use the search box at the top of the page to look for a video.
  • Looking up a video’s specifics in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Choosing videos with a horizontal slider
  • Posting a video to a social networking site
  • Switching mobile devices to full-screen mode gradually

Use the aforementioned advice to improve the desktop site user experience. Also, remember to enjoy yourself when watching films on it!

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