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How To Add Music To Instagram Stories And Reels? A Step-By-Step Guide!

The Ability to Upload music directly to Instagram stories is one of its most well-liked features. Instagram lets users import songs from other music streaming services like Spotify in addition to providing a sizable selection of songs from its own music collection. The majority of Instagram content is now consumed through Stories and Reels.

This Means That you need to consistently update on Stories and once a week on Reels. Including your actual music enhances your brand and links your listeners to your sound, which is essential for making connections and gaining new fans. You may add music and lyrics to your Instagram Stories using the music sticker, giving your community a fun soundtrack.

The Instagram Stories music sticker, however, has proven to be fairly elusive, with many users having either no access to music or a very small music collection. Instagram often adds new songs to its music library. You may learn everything you need to know about adding music to an Instagram Story or post from this article. Let’s get going.

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

Are you prepared to give your Instagram Stories a soundtrack? You’ll soon be posting stories with your preferred beat if you follow the procedures listed below. Install the most recent Instagram app on iOS or Android first. After then, take a picture or a video and upload it using the Instagram Stories camera.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

After Completing That, select the music sticker by tapping the stickers button at the top of the screen. Having an iPhone or an Android device is irrelevant as long as Instagram is running the most recent version. For both, the procedure for adding music to Instagram is the same. Here’s how to accomplish it.

  • Open the Instagram app, then select Your Story from the menu in the top-left.
  • Continue by adding a Story. Tap each subsequent image or video you want to add or remove while holding down on the first one. After you’re done, click Next.
  • Choose the layout for a collage story or separate to make each image or video a separate piece when creating your story. Editing each part is necessary when selecting Separate.
  • At the very top of your screen, tap the sticker icon.
  • A music sticker should be chosen. To go directly to the right one, use the search box at the top.
  • Instagram shows suggested musical selections along with a variety of category options. To hear a sample of each tune, tap the adjacent Play icon.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

  • To add a song to your post or Story, simply tap on it.
  • Choose the music position by adjusting the slider bar at the bottom. As you glide, the lyrics will be shown. You can also incorporate album art or alter the color, style, and appearance of the music and lyrics.
  • Once your editing is complete, tap Done.
  • By holding down on the lyrics (or album art) and dragging, sliding, or twisting them, you can resize, rotate, or position them on the screen.
  • if you choose Separate for the layout, you must tap on each Story segment individually to alter it. Each one’s autoplay feature includes music (if wanted).
  • Once you have completed editing your Story, tap Next.
  • To share it with your Instagram Story, Choose Your Story at the bottom.
  • Every modified portion of the song you inserted plays instantly when your followers view your Instagram Story. They can tap on the song’s title under your name to open it in a new tab and see what song is now playing.

How To Add Music to an Instagram Reel

In August 2020, Instagram debuted the Reels feature. Reels are one of the simplest methods to share material on Instagram, including music, given that they are such a new option. The steps listed below can be used to add music to a reel.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

  • On the Instagram home page, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner.
  • Reels are highlighted at the bottom of the page by sliding.
  • From the left, select the Music icon.
  • Select the song you want to include in the Reel.
  • The slider at the bottom of the screen can be adjusted. Choose the song’s appropriate section for the Reel.
  • Don’t worry if you forget to add music before recording your reel. You can include music before or after recording the Reel on Instagram.

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How to Add Music to an Instagram Post Using Third-Party Apps

It’s crucial to be aware that you cannot directly embed music into Instagram postings. Only your Instagram Stories and Reels can have music added. A video you created on your Story will download without the song even if you add music to it. You must edit your video in advance if you want to include a song with it and share it on Instagram.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

You can add music to your videos using a variety of free video editing applications and programs. You can post the finished product to your Instagram feed. InShot is one of the most functional and user-friendly free video editing programs. Additionally, you can use Spotify’s songs, playlists, and albums.

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