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Homenewswhy Did Steph Curry Parents Break Up: The Reason for Steph Curry's...

why Did Steph Curry Parents Break Up: The Reason for Steph Curry’s Parents Divorcing!

During their time at Virginia Tech, Sonya Curry and Dell Curry, Steph’s dad, became friends and later married (via The Famous People). When Sonya’s volleyball coach invited Dell to observe one of her games, the two ended up meeting. The two have been together ever since Dell proposed to Sonya following the match.

They wed in 1988, and Dell went on to have a successful NBA career. From Utah Jazz to Cleveland Cavaliers to Milwaukee Bucks to Toronto Raptors to Charlotte Hornets during a three-decade career (per Basketball-Reference). Until the birth of their second child in 1990, Sonya went to every one of Dell’s games with him. In addition to their boys, Stephen and Seth Curry, Sonya and Dell frequently attend their sons’ basketball games together.

 Dell and Sonya Have Chosen to Call It Quits.


Dell and Sonya have decided to dissolve their idyllic marriage after 33 years together, despite the fact that they always appeared to be genuinely in love in the media (via People). For the first time in over a year, the pair chose to end their relationship after a trial separation. Sonya Curry alleges that Dell Curry was unfaithful to her in their relationship.

Dell and Sonya Curry aren’t letting their decision break them; instead, they’re concentrating on making their family as happy as possible. In a joint statement, they stated: “We can’t express how grateful we are for everything that has come our way. With our children and grandchildren, we’ll always be there for them, no matter how far they’ve come. We beg for privacy and prayers for our family as we continue our journey ” (via People).

Sonya filed the divorce papers, according to TMZ, even though they haven’t spoken about it publicly yet. “Marital misbehavior” was the reason she filed for divorce on June 14 in North Carolina, citing Dell’s actions. Dell responded to Sonya’s charges of “marriage misbehavior” by accusing her of the same (via TMZ). Dell alleged that Sonya engaged in “illicit sexual activity” when they were married in a court filing. Accusations that she lied about the alleged crimes were also made by him.
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The Parents of Steph Curry Are Accusing Each Other.

steph curry parents break up

It Is Dell Curry’s Contention that He Should Not Have to Contribute to Sonya’s Alimony Because She Is Currently Living with Another Man in Tennessee. the Fact that She Began Seeing Her New Boyfriend Months After Her Legal Separation from Dell, According to Sonya, Is Noteworthy. Because Dell Won’t Let Her Live at Their House, She’s Been Living Alone (via New York Post).

Despite Dell‘s Attempts to Cast Sonya as The Cause of The Divorce, She Claims Dell Is the One Who Cheated on Her. While Dell and Sonya Were Married, Sonya Claimed that Dell Had Relations with Many Women. She Further Said that Dell’s Adultery Has Been Known to Their Family and Close Friends for Years and Is Now a Well-Kept Secret.

“in One Final Act of Trying to Shield [dell] and Family from Possible Public Exposure and Scrutiny,” the 55-Year-Old Stated. Her Ex Had Publicly Accused Her of Adultery, and “She Had No Choice” but To Clear Her Name, She Concluded (via Tmz).

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The Curry Family Is Likely to Be Affected by The Divorce.

why did steph curry parents divoced

This Divorce Is Going to Have a Profound Effect on The Entire Curry Family, Even if No One Has Spoken out About It Yet. Dell and Sonya Curry’s Eldest Son Seth Curry Is Married to Callie Rivers and Has a Child with Her. Dell and Sonya Curry’s Youngest Son Stephen Curry and His Wife Ayesha Curry Have Three Children Together.

Sydel Curry Is Expecting Her First Child with Nba Player Damion Lee, Which Is a Significant Event for The Curry Clan (via Mercury News). Dell and Sonya Should Be Able to Work Things out And Be Able to Share in Their Family’s Important Milestones in The Future.

Along with Their Two Children, They Also Run a Montessori School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Which They Both Help Raise. in 1994, They Co-Founded the Organization (via Clutch Points). All Three of The Curry Children Attended the School, And It Has Been Vital in Aiding Many Other Pupils Through the Years. Sonya Stated, “for My Family, Montessori Has Been a Foundational Element of Our Upbringing.

What I Enjoy Most About Montessori Education Is Its Emphasis on Independence, Enthusiasm For learning and responsibility, as well as a sense of self-respect and a regard for the people around you ” (via PR Newswire).
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Because of their long history together and their closeness, the Currys should be able to get through this tough period of time. We’ll be rooting for them as they go through this difficult time.


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