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Why Did So Many Whales Perish? Local Environmentalists in New Jersey Are at Odds.

New Jersey environmental groups are fighting over the whale fatalities.

After a 30-foot humpback whale washed up in Atlantic City earlier this month, several groups, including Clean Ocean Action, wrote to President Biden demanding a halt to wind-energy development off the Jersey coast and an investigation into why seven whales had died in less than five weeks.

Do Windmills Kill Whales? Possibly.

Jennifer Coffey, executive director of the New Jersey Association of Environmental Commission, said the Garden State’s proposal to build a massive offshore wind farm has nothing to do with the whale tragedy.

She stated no whale strikes had been reported by wind companies undertaking scientific surveying off the coast with marine animal observers.
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The previous two whales that washed ashore had head injuries from maritime vessel crashes.

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“Focusing on wind energy when there was no wind activity, no scientific investigations happening in December when these whales started washing up is utterly incongruous with the science and quite frankly irresponsible,” she added.

“vessel Strikes and Big Commercial Fishing Gear Entanglements Kill These Whales.
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Coffey added that “too many marine creatures are washing ashore with intestines full of garbage.” Marine creatures and birds suffer from plastic.

East Coast Whale Deaths Are Common.

Coffey said we must follow the research and evidence, “and there’s simply no correlation at this point in time between the scientific investigations that are being done offshore and these whales that are washing up.”

“Anyone altering facts to mislead the public to meet their preordained goal is completely irresponsible.”

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She said that East Coast whale deaths had been climbing for nearly a decade, prompting the NOAA to call it an “unusual mortality event.”

Whale fatalities linked to climate change

Over the past six years, 176 whale strandings have been reported from Maine to Florida, according to New Jersey Sierra Club director Anjuli Ramos.

Climate change affects ocean temperature, currents, fish populations, and whale behavior, Ramos added.

Offshore wind is innocent “Ramos stated. “It will reduce climate change.”


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