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The Most Popular “Dish” in New Jersey is One of the Best in the Whole Country.

This article looks at New Jersey’s most popular “dish” or “recipe.

” It comes from an article on Familyminded.com that lists the best “family recipe” from each state in America.

For example, pizza is the “dish” of New York City. “Getting a slice of “za” from a New York pizza shop is pretty much like going to heaven. The crust is crispy, the sauce is perfect, and the slice is a good size.

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Familyminded.com said that “cheesesteak” is the state’s signature dish. “Most people in the area have a favorite place to get a cheesesteak. Since they were kids, they’ve gone there with their parents. Even so, it’s safe to say that this state makes the best cheesesteaks in the country.”

Familyminded.com said this was our most popular “recipe,” which didn’t surprise us. The magazine picked pork rolls as our “dish” here in New Jersey.
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We won’t even get into the “pork roll vs. Taylor Ham” debate. Instead, we’ll just say that this truly Jersey recipe is on the national list.

“It’s not a hot dog, though. It’s breakfast meat, which is also called Taylor ham. It’s sliced meat that looks like a sausage and that everyone in New Jersey seems to know and love. They don’t just enjoy it in the morning, either.”

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A nice sandwich is made with a pork roll, cheese, and a good roll. I wouldn’t mind a fried egg on that, either. Where is your favorite place to get a Pork Roll sandwich? Post your suggestions below. We love hearing about your favorite places to eat in the Garden State.


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