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Why Did Cory and Tia Broken Up? Why Tia Declared the Couple’s Breakup Officially!

Tia announced the couple’s separation on October 4 following 14 years of marriage. She announced their breakup on Instagram: “I wanted to share that Cory and I have decided to go our separate ways.” “Making tough choices like this is never fun. While we are co-parenting our lovely children, we will do so as friends.

As she continued, the actress said, “I am grateful for all the great times we had together and want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter going ahead in our lives.”

Their Breakup

Why Did Cory and Tia Broken Up?

PEOPLE has learned that on Tuesday, Mowry filed for divorce from her spouse in Los Angeles. The actress cited insurmountable differences in the filing (first reported by TMZ), which led to their breakup. She is asking for shared custody of their children, a son named Cree who is 11, and a girl named Cairo who is 4. No date of separation was given.

Based on the prenuptial agreement the pair signed before their 2008 wedding, Mowry is requesting the termination of spousal support. Mowry had posted two mysterious photos on Instagram about love just days before the news of their breakup broke. On Monday night, hours before their breakup was made public, she tweeted, “As love, I am. To see only love is a choice I am making. As for you, I really do hope so.”

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Their Relationship

Why Did Cory and Tia Broken Up?

Again, on Sunday, Mowry tweeted of her want to be grasped. “You need to remember that you are sufficient.
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Feeling loved is a right you deserve. As well as being accepted for who you really are, “The information was disseminated by her.
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In an interview for People, Mowry and Hardrict discussed the challenges they’ve had as a couple and how they’ve overcome them. In the month of February of the year 2021.

People always seem to want to know, “What is it about Cory and me that makes our marriage so great?” To paraphrase what Mowry stated.

We don’t put much emphasis on gender roles, and that’s been the case for years now if I’m being completely forthright with you. “Meaning the ladies should just do one thing and then the guys should just do one thing,” the actress clarified. In our family, everyone pitches in.

He Was the One and Only Boyfriend She Ever Had.

Why Did Cory and Tia Broken Up?

Mowry revealed to Hardrict that he was the first boyfriend she had as the couple celebrated their early years of marriage. I’ve only ever had one serious relationship, and he’s the man I married. I haven’t been on many dates,” she said to MadameNoire in 2013. She also revealed to OK Magazine that the couple had been discreet about their relationship.

“If there’s anything I did right, it was just to hold out,” she remarked. For some time, we didn’t actually do anything to be sure this was the genuine deal and not just a fluke. For approximately a year, that’s exactly what we did: we courted each other. On our dates, there were always other individuals present besides just him and me. We held off on kissing for one entire year. I did something really similar to that.

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What Is Their Connection

Why Did Cory and Tia Broken Up?

That’s when I was really grinding, man,” the actor told Global Grind in 2015. “Just after I had finished shooting my first film, I was waiting at a bus station. When her sister and she drove by, they spotted me standing by the curb and offered to pick me up. Disgrace had set in for me. Downtown is where I was. They picked me up, and from then on we’ve been close. That connection began when they drove me to Inglewood.”

After 8 years together as a couple, they finally tied the knot on April 20, 2008. In 2013, they had a beautiful ceremony on a beach in Malibu, California, to reaffirm their vows. After celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary earlier this year, Tia posted a touching message to Cory on Instagram, saying, “I’ve loved you for 22 years and I’ll love you for a million more.”


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