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Offset and Saweetie Breakup? Why Did Rapper Quavo Break His Romance with Saweetie?

Saweetie, a rapper from the Bay Area, has verified rumors that she and Quavo, a member of the hip-hop group Migos, had split up. She informed her followers on Twitter on Friday that she was single and that she was not seeing anyone.

I’ve been through too much backstage treachery and grief for a dishonest story demeaning my character to be making the rounds. “Gifts don’t heal wounds, and love isn’t genuine if it’s shown to other women.

That’s shocking news, considering how in love they seemed on Valentine’s Day, a month before. In a second tweet, she elaborated, “I emotionally checked out a long time ago, and have walked away with a deep sense of calm and liberation.
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” I’m looking forward to this next phase of my ascent.

Their Relationship

Offset and Saweetie Breakup?

Although 29-year-old Quavo has yet to comment on the turmoil in his relationship, speculation that the couple had broken up began this week after he unfollowed the musician on Instagram, two days after she did the same. Fans also noticed that the 27-year-old artist implied in her song that her ex-boyfriend was unfaithful.

Apparently, when asked about it for the GQ Hype story, the rapper looked at the ground and stated, “If I can ever talk on it, I never once in a million years want to do any harm to any lady, period.” In a subsequent, unprompted comment, Quavo elaborated “My dislike of popular opinion is strong. They assumed the elevator incident was abusive or at least bizarre when they observed it.”

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What Is the Reason for Their Breakup

Offset and Saweetie Breakup?

After graduating from high school and beginning his acting career, Quavo told GQ Hype he is taking things slowly in the dating department so he can focus on himself. ‘I want to establish [myself] as a human being before I step into any more relationships or anything that can lead me off,’ he says. Concerning Migos, there were reports earlier this year that the band was on the verge of disbanding.

The fact that Migos backed out as headliner for last month’s Governor’s Ball in New York City further fueled such concerns. However, a representative for the group shot down the claims, telling GQ Hype that the band had to cancel their appearance at the Governors Ball due to a scheduling difficulty. The representative also mentioned that the band would be appearing at other September festivals.

Offset and Saweetie Breakup?

Quavo told the magazine that it’s crucial for Offset and Takeoff to carve out their own identities at this point in their careers. “Migos was the only topic of conversation. To sum up, we three, “- Quavo. “Every member of the group, in my opinion, should take the time to introduce themselves.
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Personal works by them. If you don’t, you’ll start losing members.”


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