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Lil Durk and India Breakup? After Breakup Royale Tweeted “I’m a Free Agent”!

Over the weekend, reports of separation appeared between Lil Durk and India Royale, and the two have given opposing responses. After Royale tweeted “I’m a free agent” on Sunday, speculation ensued (September 11).

On Monday, September 12th, Durk posted a selfie to his Instagram Stories in response, writing, “That [cat emoji] mines 4ever welcome to death row b*%ch” But later that day, India Royale appeared to respond to Lil Durk’s remarks by uploading a cap emoji on her Instagram Stories.

Speculated The Reason Behind Lil Durk and India Royale’s Breakup.

lil durk and india breakup

Lil Durk and India have been linked romantically for some time, but their on-again, the off-again state has been a source of much speculation among their admirers. While their December 2021 engagement put an end to the rumors, by September 2022 they had returned. Fans found she had erased Lil Durk photos from her Instagram at the start of the month, which is when the rumors started to circulate, according to Newsweek.

On September 11, she tweeted the cryptic message, “I’m a free agent,” adding fuel to the fire of fan speculation. Following India’s cryptic tweet, several of her followers used the accompanying comments area to address the split rumors. As one of your fans put it, “If you and Durk ain’t together no more imma stop dating since you two were the last hope I had left in love.”

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Lil Durk and India Royale Split Up

lil durk and india breakup

A third person chimed in, “After Lil Durk and India Royale split up, I swore I’d never love again.” After further suspicious reports regarding his supposed split with India Royale spread online, Lil Durk apparently canceled his Instagram account. Shortly after the 7220 rappers broke his silence on reports of a breakup with his fiancée, his Instagram account was deleted, and his admirers began to take notice.

More and more people began offering their opinions on Durk and India’s situation, and as a result, rumors multiplied. Fans speculate that the pair split up because Durk cheated on Royale and they may soon be parents to another child. Lil Durk had addressed the flurry of allegations about his relationship with his fiancée in a single Instagram Story before he quit the platform.
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India Royale, by complete coincidence, also broke her quiet via Instagram Story.

What Is the Response of Durk to India’s Instagram Story?

lil durk and india breakup

Lil Durk said, “That mines 4ever welcome to death row b***h.”India wrote, “,” about her story. After India unfollowed Durk on Instagram and wrote “I’m a free agent” earlier this week, fans began spreading speculations that the couple had broken up. There has been no clear confirmation that the pair has formally split up, however, due to the lack of clarity in their recent responses.

This couple met in 2016 and had their first child, Willow Banks, in 2017. During his performance at WGCI’s Big Jam Concert in December 2021, Durk astonished everyone by proposing to India. Before his girlfriend said yes, the crowd erupted in applause. The rapper never stopped gushing about her in public statements. We’ll have to wait and see whether they both decide to address the newest rumors.

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Where Are India and Lil Durk’s Kids?

lil durk and india breakup

Lil Durk has been a parent six times since he was 17 years old. Their first child was born in October of 2018. India, like Lil Durk, has a child from a prior relationship, and that child was born in 2014.


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