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Why Are Thousands of Nurses Still on Strike While Hochul Has Offered Them a Bonus Programme Worth $1.3 Billion?

For Governor Kathy Hochul, nurses are true heroes. Those who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are true heroes.

Hochul praised nurses in a tweet, writing, “Nurses work selflessly and relentlessly every day, doing everything is necessary to save lives.” The people of New York are grateful to them for all of their hard work and dedication.

Bonus System for Healthcare Employees

Verbal expressions of gratitude fell short. Kathy Hochul’s unexpected announcement of a bonus program for healthcare workers including nurses caught everyone off guard.

Health Care and Mental Hygiene Employee Bonus Program is the official title. It provides $1.3 billion to compensate medical professionals for their time and effort.

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Only employees serving for at least six months who do not make more than $125,000 annually will be eligible to receive compensation.

For What Reasons, Exactly, Are the Nurses Walking Off the Job?

It would appear that not all nurses are satisfied with Kathy Hochul, despite the fact that she has spent a lot of time and resources trying to make them so.
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Thousands of nurses at five separate hospitals, according to the article, have threatened to strike unless they are offered a new contract.

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The New York State Nurses Association is, however, now engaged in discussions aimed at swiftly resolving these concerns.

Extreme financial and labor shortages are already major problems for hospitals. Therefore, I anticipate that many patients’ health and even their lives will be badly impacted by these strikes.
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This signifies the problem requires significant and prompt action to be taken as soon as possible.


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