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Greg Abbott Was Paid Almost $400,000 to Transport Refugees by Bus. How Many of Them Have You Gotten Here Safely?

A tremendous quantity is fraught with stress.

Over the course of many months, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has relocated numerous migrants out of the state, sending them to major cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

The natives and some of the immigrants have actually been negatively impacted by this. For example, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has pledged millions of dollars to them.

It’s estimated that annually, they’ll cost the city of New York up to $600 million.

Both Chicago and Washington, DC, are swarmed. Obviously, they require urgent aid, and it should be delivered as soon as possible.

A huge number of migrants may have been bused in, but it appears that Greg Abbott has been given funding for this purpose.

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A large number of individuals were able to ride the buses thanks to the funds Greg Abbott raised.

Greg, the governor of Texas, has received funding estimated at $365,000 to $400,000. The donors behind this donation are private groups.

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This payment to Abbott comes from the border transportation fund and was made between April and October of 2022. Most contributions were under $100, with the highest being $5,100 from a single donor to Greg Abbott.

What Was the Total Number of Passengers He Shuttled?

Now that you know that, you probably want to know how many he managed to transfer. According to the official report, Greg Abbott initiated the busing campaign with the intent of relocating as many individuals as possible to neighboring states and towns.

It appears that the number of migrants successfully transported will rise above 10,000.
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Is it possible to raise funds to transport migrants by bus?


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