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Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson’s Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic presidential candidate and member of Congress from Hawaii, hosted Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Friday night. A prepared monologue in which she criticized Vice President Joe Biden, stoked fears about the power of the federal government, and blasted the FBI raid on the Florida home of former President Donald Trump, was waiting for her when she arrived.

She began by saying, “Now, whatever your views are on Donald Trump, there is no denying that the unprecedented raid on his Palm Beach home earlier this week has set our country on a dangerous new course, and there’s no turning back. What our generation grew up in was a different country as a result of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard?

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson's Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

Born on April 12, 1981, Tulsi Gabbard (/tulsi heard/) served as the U.S. representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021. She is also an officer in the United States Army Reserve. First Hindu and first Samoan-American to serve in Congress, Gabbard made history in both categories. It was expected that she would run for president of the United States as a Democrat in 2020.

Gabbard, then just 21, won a seat in the Hawaii state legislature in 2002. Gabbard was a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard, where she served in Iraq in a field medical unit in 2004 and 2005 and in Kuwait as a leader of an Army Military Police platoon in 2008 and 2009. She was vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) while she was a member of Congress from 2013 to 2016, but she resigned to support Bernie Sanders’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

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Family and Early Life.

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson's Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

Gabbard was born on April 12, 1981, on the main island of American Samoa, Tutuila, in the village of Leloaloa in the county of Maoptasi. She was the fourth of Carol (née Porter) and Mike Gabbard’s five children.
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After spending time in California in the late 1970s, Gabbard’s family decided to return to Hawaii in 1983, when she was just two years old. Gabbard has both Samoan and European ancestry and was raised in a multicultural household.

Her mother was born in Indiana and grew up in Michigan. Her father is of Samoan and European heritage; he was born in American Samoa and spent his childhood in Hawaii and Florida.

A career in Politics.

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson's Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

After Redistricting in 2002, a Four-Person Democratic Primary Was Held, and Tulsi Gabbard Won with 48% of The Vote. in The Runoff, Gabbard Defeated Alfonso Jimenez, a Republican, with 65 Percent of The Vote.  on Top of Being the Youngest Person Ever Elected to Hawaii’s Legislature, Gabbard Also Made History as The Youngest Woman Ever Elected to A State Legislature in The United States.

In Her Time in Office, Gabbard Led the Successful Opposition and Protests of A State Bill that Would Have Legalised Same-Sex Civil Unions and She Advocated for The Federal Marriage Amendment to Prevent Federal laws from Superseding State laws on The Issue of Same-Sex Marriage on The Hawaiian Islands.

What Is the Decision of The Justice Department?
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Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson's Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

For Increasing Federal Revenue by Going After Tax Cheats, Conservatives Have Been Criticising a Section of The Newly Approved Inflation Reduction Act. After Addressing the Raid at Mar-A-Lago, She Accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of Employing “tactics that Are the Markings of A Dictatorship.” on Thursday, Garland Said He “personally Approved” the Decision to Obtain a Search Warrant Against Trump.

Justice Department and Our Democracy Rest on A Firm Foundation of The Rule of Law,” Garland Continued. “adhering to The Rule of Law Requires Judges to Administer Punishments Fairly and Without Bias. It Is Under My Supervision that The Justice Department Is Carrying out That Same Action.

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Blamed Biden for Europe’s Energy Issue?

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard: Tucker Carlson's Replacement Host Tulsi Gabbard?

Gabbard Also Blamed Biden for Europe’s Energy Issue, Implying that The United States Could Face Similar Implications if The West Maintains Sanctions Against Russia Over the Latter’s Invasion of Ukraine. It’s Never Been About Morality, Regardless of How Many Times They Preach and Cry Crocodile Tears.

She Claimed that The U.S. Response to The War in Ukraine Had Nothing to Do with Safeguarding democracy or helping the Ukrainian people. Biden was helping bring about a “regime change in Russia,” Gabbard alleged.


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