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Who is Jennette Mccurdy Boyfriend ? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

On stage, eccentric and sardonic while battling eating issues and devoted to providing the family’s main source of income. She goes under the name of Jennette McCurdy. Jennette entered Hollywood when she was just six years old. When she appeared as Sam Puckett in the comedic series “iCarly” on Nickelodeon, her career took off.

She took a break from acting and then returned as a director and writer. Jennette’s struggles as an actor were widely documented, but her romantic relationships are less well known

She dated several men, all of whom had interesting tales to share.

Who is the boyfriend of Jennette Mccurdy?

Eldridge McElroy, played by New Orleans-born actor Graham Patrick Martin, can be seen on CBS’sTwo and a Half Men.”

In his most recent piece, “Catch-22,” a USAAF airman who doesn’t want to fly bombing missions is stuck doing them because, according to popular belief, it’s “sane to go to war because you don’t want to do it.” Graham co-starred with actors Christian Abbott and George Clooney as Ivor Orr.

Before they met on “iCarly,” Graham allegedly dated McCurdy. This connection lasted from 2004 through 2008, approximately. Due to the couple’s silence on their personal lives, their story was never made into a public spectacle.

Even more intriguing was the fact that Graham and McCurdy shared a stage in “iCarly” back in 2009. The incident happened just one year after they allegedly broke up. On the show, both remained professionals and appeared to be “on excellent terms.”

We haven’t learned anything more about their prior relationship since that time. We are aware that Graham also discovered Ginny Gardner. The couple is eager to openly discuss their connection with their fans.

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New Boyfriend of Jennette Mccurdy

Built a new persona with a new boyfriend, Jesse Carere

She understood that she belonged in the theatre, so after her horrible affair with Andre Drummond, she altered her lifestyle. In light of this, she chose Jesse Carere, an additional on-site romantic partner.

Built a new persona with a new boyfriend, Jesse Carere
Built a new persona with a new boyfriend, Jesse Carere

No, this is not from “iCarly.” Jennette met Jesse via the television show “Between.” Jesse’s portrayal of Adam, Jennette’s romantic interest on that show, is an intriguing detail.

This couple was rarely seen or heard from before 2016 when Jennette McCurdy emailed Jesse a birthday greeting. The brief love story concluded with the couple deciding to separate. We were unaware of the reason behind their separation.

We can conclude that Jennette currently enjoys her single life. This is what we currently know.

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Dating history of Jennette Mccurdy

Jennette Mccurdy and Max Ehrich

Graham Martin wasn’t the last man to enter Jannette’s life, which is unfortunate because you might have believed that her romantic adventures were over with him. I present Max Ehrich. In 2010, he and Jannette appeared on the same episode of “iCarly.”

Jennette Mccurdy and Max Ehrich

Fans may only guess at the story’s details based on Max’s appearance in the same episode. Fans have noticed that McCurdy, who allegedly dated Max, may also be seeing Miranda Cosgrove, Jannette’s close friend and co-star in “iCarly.”

Max Ehrich finally put an end to the notion when he tweeted—which he later deleted—that he and Jannette were and will always be friends. He met with Veronica Dunne after breaking the news to her in pieces.

Their shared love of music, especially musical theatre, led to the development of their relationship. In J-14, Veronica claimed that the sound of Max’s voice caused her to tremble in awe. Sadly, this “musical love story” ended in July 2017 after only three years.

Following his business with Veronica, he secretly dated Sommer Ray. They short remained a pair and never disclosed their prior relationships.

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Jennette Mccurdy and Paul Glasner

If you want to call him that, Jennette McCurdy’s so-called “lover,” it may have happened when they were both in the same place, working on the same project or show. In the following tale, Jannette McCurdy’s decision to date Paul Glasner is the only distinction between Graham and Max.

Jennette Mccurdy and Paul Glasner

It was, in some ways, a tragic and interesting tale that, when perfectly mixed, gave rise to the Jennette McCurdy we know today. They both met on the same stage in the Nickelodeon program “iCarly,” just like Max and Graham Martin had before. Paul was the show’s writer while Jennette acted as one of the actresses opposite Miranda Cosgrove.

People would be critical of their age difference because Jennette was only 18 and Paul was nearly 31. She acknowledged having “a special relationship” with Paul in an interview with Vulture. They first connected during the final season of “iCarly,” and the public was suddenly flooded with leaked images of her and Paul together.

Her tale with Paul came to light after she learned of her mother’s most recent breast cancer diagnosis. She concluded that confiding in someone else was the wisest course of action. It ended up in Paul Glaser’s hands.

Jennette claimed that some of her followers would criticize or send her a message of hate on social media. His or Jannette’s social media profiles would receive a flood of criticism about Paul being a creep, etc.

People weren’t aware of Jannette’s “true tale,” she said, explaining why she chose to date Paul Glaser. For Jennette, those things made life intolerable.

The fact that Jannette was mourning her mother’s passing should be known to the fans and social media nerds out there. Jannette could not have been happy at the time. She was now dealing with those issues, but she didn’t let them distract her from her acting profession. And if you believe she has recovered, guess again.

Working diligently on her projects, she believed, would help her forget her unhappiness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer her the solace she requires. She was cited by Vulture as adding that she would be alright if she could have a hug for being a brave woman during that trying time.


After Jennette decided to date Paul, her mother’s circumstances didn’t seem to be getting any better. Jannette, at last, agreed that her requirements were appropriate. She severed all links with Paul Glaser after coming to terms with the death of her mother.

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Jennette Mccurdy got off track when she started dating NBA player Andre Drummond.

Let us put aside her resilience story so far and forth into a completely different chapter. Well, Jennette had “supposedly” dating three men with all of them met Jannette in the same show, “iCarly.”

Jennette Mccurdy went off-course, dating an NBA athlete Andre Drummond

If you are hoping this time she can find happiness by dating another actor, well, you jump the gun too quickly.


She decided to date Andre Drummond, a former Brooklyn Nets player who played in the NBA. Perhaps her most well-known connection was with him. Possibly following Jennette’s liaison with Paul Glaser.

Andre was the one who suggested that they “should” start dating. In an Instagram challenge, Andre referred to Jannette as his crush. Both displayed their wild love, tumbling down the hill like a snowball.

Jennette reportedly wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal on her intense love for the center, who was 28 years old at the time, according to Elite Daily. In that journal, she told Andre that he isn’t playing around.

She continued by saying that it takes a tremendous amount of bravery to express your inner feelings in front of a crowd. Andre, you did a fantastic job there.

Through social media, they stayed in touch, and ultimately they met. Before Jennette shattered the stillness, things were in a calm state for a moment. She admitted that her connection with Andre was a little awkward in a podcast with Pete Holmes called “You made it weird.”


In that podcast, she made it clear that her first kiss with Andre wasn’t at all romantic. Elite Daily quotes the statement, “That was an impulsive reaction.” His mouth, according to Jennette, was in poor condition and even odd.

Receiving that humiliation in front of such sizable crowds must hurt. Andre Drummond is not someone who will take any humiliation lying down. Shortly after that admission, some pictures of Jennette wearing lingeries appeared online.

We all know who might be behind this, and Jennette hinted in her tweet that she only shared those images with one person and had no idea someone could deteriorate to such an extreme level.

Perhaps in response to offensive remarks from McCurdian supporters, Andre Drummond denied all involvement. He immediately declared that basketball was his only area of interest.

With both parties implicitly making fun of one another, notably Jennette, this narrative did not end well. Andre Drummond expressed his amusement at Jennette’s remarks while Jennette continued to lecture her. Drummond also shared a video on social media in which he emphasized the necessity to move past his earlier errors.


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