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Who Is Elena Rybakina: In Less than Two Hours, I Went from Nervous Wreck to Wimbledon Champion!

While receiving the Venus Rosewater Dish from the Duchess of Cambridge, Elena Rybakina thought to herself, “Unbelievable.”. “It’s unbelievable,” she said as she saw her name with the likes of Serena Williams, Ash Barty, and Maria Sharapova on the list of winners.

I’m speechless,” Rybakina stated in her post-match press conference as she reflected on the nerve-wracking experience of playing a Wimbledon final in her second appearance on Centre Court.

Who is Elena Rybakina?

Who Is Elena Rybakina: In Less than Two Hours, I Went from Nervous Wreck to Wimbledon Champion!

Elena Andreyevna Rybakina is a Kazakhstani professional tennis player who was born on June 17, 1999. She is Wimbledon’s defending champion. When Rybakina wins the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, she will be the first Kazakhstani woman to win a major championship and the first woman to be ranked among the top 15 players in the world, according to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

In women’s singles, she is now Kazakhstan’s No. 1 player. On the WTA Tour, Rybakina has made it to eight finals, including three at the WTA 500 level, where she has won two titles. She used to represent Russia, the country of her birth but has now switched to Kazakhstan.

When Rybakina sat down “in a few days, I’ll sit down and appreciate what I did,” the Russian tennis player said following her three-set win over world No. 2 Ons Jabeur. Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with myself right now. Despite Jabeur’s disappointment, Rybakina has earned her Wimbledon title.

First-Time Grand Slam Champions.

There have recently been several “unbelievable” first-time Grand Slam champions in the women’s game, and that trend continues. For example, a 16-year-old qualifier named Emma Raducanu triumphed in one of her first professional events at the US Open in 2021.

Rybakina’s victory isn’t as shocking as those others were. At 6 feet tall, with a strong serve, she has a game for grass. She was seeded 17th at the French Open last year and upset Serena in the quarterfinals. In the spring of 2020, she was the hottest player on the women’s tour until the epidemic halted play.

Two weeks ago, even among regular WTA fans, Rybakina was an unknown quantity; she was noted for not celebrating her wins. In the future, she was someone to keep an eye out for, but not right now. One of her two pre-Wimbledon matches went her way, and she was victorious in both of them.

The Centenary Year of Centre Court.

Who Is Elena Rybakina: In Less than Two Hours, I Went from Nervous Wreck to Wimbledon Champion!

In this, the centenary year of Centre Court, Rybakina has added to the legend of the venue. When she was serving at 3-2 in the final set, she was down 0-40 and couldn’t recover. Jabeur had begun the game with a drop-set winner and a lob winner that were both precisely timed. This appeared to be the third seed’s surge that we’d been waiting for.

It was clear that Jabeur had risen to the occasion in each of her first six encounters. The first Arab woman to win a Grand Slam trophy was too near for her to pass up this opportunity. It was difficult for Jabeur to come back from a breakdown because of Rybakina’s deadly serve on grass.

Instead, Rybakina provided the impetus. When Jabeur’s drop shot dropped an inch wide, she saved a break point, and when she hit a tremendous down-the-line backhand, she saved a third. Rybakina had passed the final title test when she held after a volley winner to make it 4-2.

Rybakina Admitted that She Was “Very Nervous”.

Rybakina admitted that she was “very nervous” in the opening set. She did well, of course, Ons. Getting used to her style of play took some time. But after that, I decided that “no matter what, I’m going to fight until the finish.
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Because it was so difficult, I really concentrated on each and every detail.” It was sweltering out there. I suppose I thought I couldn’t [go] any further because I was so nervous physically. Ultimately, I was just sprinting to all the drop shots. The first time I ran so much to all of these tricky photos, I believe.

Elena “stole” my crown, but that’s okay,” stated a disgruntled Jabeur at the prize presentation. However, she must have felt as if this one had slipped through her fingers, as though this was intended to be her day. Throughout the opening set, Jabeur was the clear favorite, while Rybakina was so tense she couldn’t move.

Self-Assurance at The Moment.

Who Is Elena Rybakina: In Less than Two Hours, I Went from Nervous Wreck to Wimbledon Champion!

It didn’t matter that Jabeur was behind 0-2 in the second half. While playing in the next game, she went out of her way to attempt and score a tweener. I took it as a show of self-assurance at the moment.

It now appears to be a sign of things to come. The second and third sets saw Jabeur select the bad shot from her famously diverse repertoire.

Throughout the second and third sets of the final, Jabeur had poor shot decisions.
Early in the third quarter, she chipped a passing shot rather than ripping it, which enabled Rybakina a chance to reply. As an alternative to taking her pick of shots, she opted to lob the ball and it ended up flying long.

She blew a breakpoint by attempting a precision drop that missed the mark by a millimeter or two. If Jabeur had chosen to play the cautious and solid stroke as she did down the stretch in her semifinal triumph over Tatjana Maria, she would have won the match. Tunisia’s “Minister of Happiness” was yelling at her players by the halfway point of the match.

Better Performance.

Afterward, a more reflective Jabeur admitted, “I didn’t play my best tennis, let’s say, in the second and third set.” “I noticed that she was becoming more combative. A lot of pressure was put on me when she entered the court. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a solution.”

“I was hoping for better performance. The fact that she does so well when you give her a little breathing room is discouraging, to say the least. Rybakina performed admirably, both as a player and as a new face for tennis fans to come to know in the process.

In court, she keeps her emotions in check, but we quickly learned that she has a lot of them and has no issue discussing them or making people laugh. Wimbledon’s first Arab singles champion seemed to be on the verge of becoming a reality for a brief period of time.

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 Kazakhstan’s Russian-born Representative.

Who Is Elena Rybakina: In Less than Two Hours, I Went from Nervous Wreck to Wimbledon Champion!

Kazakhstan’s Russian-born representative was instead awarded the trophy after Russian players were barred from participating in the competition. Tennis’s ever-expanding worldwide reach was on display in this match, regardless of whatever way it went.

There is nothing that can slow it down, even the most prestigious competition in the world. When Rybakina was just 17, she had no team of her own. “Maybe I proved that [you don’t always] have to have a wonderful team from a young age because I didn’t till the age of 17, 18,” she said.

It’s crucial for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances or social status to be able to participate in sports and accomplish amazing success, “therefore I think this is the most important thing.”


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