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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Walmart Plus: What Is It? And Know About Walmart Plus Benefits and Pricing

Over 16,000 products from the Walmart marketplace can now be delivered on the same day thanks to the membership program Walmart Plus (also known as Walmart+). For Walmart customers, it provides a number of additional advantages in addition to same-day delivery and free limitless deliveries.

A Walmart Plus subscription offers a number of benefits from their membership, such as free limitless deliveries from the store to mobile scan and go, whether you’re a frequent shopper at Walmart or a Walmart-owned firm like Sam’s Club, Moosejaw, or Bonobos.

Here is everything a Walmart seller needs to know about the Walmart Plus program, including how to maximize it, add the W+ badge to your listings, and much more. Free local delivery, free shipping, gas discounts, first dibs on sales, and free entertainment are some of the benefits of Walmart Plus.

What Is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus is a premium membership service that grants clients access to perks including unlimited free shipping, discounted gas prices, early access to product sales, and more! You may save more money both when buying in-store and online with this subscription.

Walmart Plus

Additionally, you have access to exclusive savings on a selection of merchandise from Walmart’s vast inventory. While shopping, you can save time and money with Walmart Plus. The Walmart customer membership program Walmart+ was introduced in September 2020.

For years, Walmart has faced off against Amazon Prime, the preferred option for millions of Americans. In the US, this service is accessible everywhere. It boasts to provide Walmart customers with a better deal and is an intriguing new addition to the Walmart range.

How Much Does Walmart Plus Cost?

The annual membership fee for Walmart Plus is $98 or $12.95 each month. Based on the regular delivery pricing of $7.95, the subscription fee already includes limitless free deliveries if you utilize them at least twice per month.

Walmart Plus

Walmart’s subscription plan is less expensive than Amazon Prime, which has a price of $12.99 per month or $119 per year. Both, however, give a free trial of one month.

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How To Become a Walmart Plus Member

Here is a guide on how to join the Walmart Plus program.

  • Check out the Walmart Plus website.
  • Enter your Walmart account information or make one.
  • Choose between a monthly and an annual plan.
  • To begin your 30-day free trial of Walmart Plus, click the button.

Don’t forget to benefit from the discounts offered to new members. When you sign up for Walmart Plus, American Express, Chase, and Dosh provide cashback or promotions ranging from 5% to 15%.

Benefits of Walmart Plus

The benefits of Walmart Plus are listed below.

Walmart Plus

Unlimited Free Delivery

If you spend at least $35 on each order, you won’t be charged a delivery fee. If not, the shop will impose a $5.99 below-minimum fee. Remember that not all locations offer limitless delivery. To find out if limitless delivery service is offered in your area, go to the Walmart website and input your address in the relevant section.

Free Next-Day and Two-Day Shipping

When you choose next-day or two-day shipping, there is no order minimum, unlike Walmart’s unlimited deliveries.

Gas Discount

Walmart Plus

You can save up to 10 cents per gallon on gas if you’re a Walmart Plus member. Gas stations owned by Walmart, Exxon, Murphy USA, Murphys Express, and Mobil are all eligible for these gasoline savings. Sam’s Club fueling stations, which are well-known for their cheaper costs, are another option. Fuel costs for members don’t, however, offer any additional savings.

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Mobile Scan & Go

A Walmart+ membership makes in-store shopping simple and quick. Go to the self-checkout register after downloading the Walmart app, scanning your items as you put them in your cart.

The Walmart mobile app stores all of your transactions and transaction history and supports cashless payments as well. One drawback is that customers cannot load coupons.

Early-Deal Access

Walmart Plus

You may enter Walmart’s Black Friday sales events seven hours before the general public if you have a membership. When purchasing items that are drastically reduced in price, you are ahead of the game! You have early notice of new launches and access to sales, which is advantageous when there is a finite amount of inventory.

Spotify Access

You can get six free months of Spotify Premium, the ad-free version of this well-known music streaming service, with the Walmart, paid membership program. Given the price of its subscription ($9.99 per month), you save almost $60.

Discounted and Free Prescriptions

Walmart Plus

Members of Walmart Plus receive discounts of up to 85% at Walmart pharmacies on a few particular prescription medications.

Paramount Plus Essential Membership

Members have access to the on-demand video service Paramount Plus Essential Plan, which has a large selection of TV shows, reality shows, movies, and original content. The Paramount Essential Plan, which is sponsored by advertisements, would typically cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

In-home Grocery Delivery

An optional extra benefit is in-home grocery delivery, which involves a Walmart courier bringing your groceries right to your refrigerator. However, in some places, the service is not offered. To find out if grocery delivery to your home is offered where you reside, go to the Walmart website.

Shopping Rewards

Walmart Plus


Members have access to cashback rebates on a variety of goods, such as groceries, home goods, gadgets, etc. Additionally, the annual maximum they can earn from these prizes is $500. Both online and in-store purchases can be made of items that qualify for cashback rebates.

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Sheela Sharma
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