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Under the Proposed Legislation, Juvenile Offenders Would Be Required to Complete Community Service in the City Where the Offence Was Committed.

A new bill in New Jersey would allow judges to mandate community service for young offenders in the municipality where the crime was committed.

On Monday, a bill was passed in Trenton.

This is just the way I was raised.
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Democratic state assemblyman William Spearman said, “You break it, you fix it.”

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Underage offenders found guilty of crimes like vandalism may be required to make amends by conducting community service in the area where the infraction occurred.

Spearman says, “We don’t want to use this as an occasion to put young people in jail; we just want youngsters to be more responsible.”

The legislation was drafted by Spearman. He argues that alternatives to placing minors in institutions like Chesterfield, Virginia’s Garden State Youth Correctional Facility are needed.

And I think by pushing them, as I was when I was a kid, to come back and help repair whatever they destroyed or the problem they created, it’s good for the community,” adds Spearman.

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A state court official expressed concern that the bill’s provisions could have unforeseen repercussions.

“We do not oppose the bill, but we are concerned,” says Andrea Johnson of the Administrative Office of the Courts. “Consider the Ocean resident who commits a crime in Union or Essex; how do we ensure that he or she is returned to Ocean?”

Regardless, a state body approved the legislation with 100 percent consensus and backing from both major political parties.

According to Spearman, the mayor of Westville, who was upset that the teenagers responsible for vandalising a memorial in his city had to complete their community service in another city, was the inspiration for the bill.
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