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Ten Days Stranded at Sea, Two New Jersey Men and Their Dog Are Saved

After 10 days adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, 214 miles off the coast of Delaware, United States, two men from New Jersey and their companion poodle dog were saved by the crew of a tanker vessel. Joe DiTomasso, 76, and Kevin Hyde, 65, were sailing buddies who set sail on the Atrvida II with their dog Minnie in early December.

For reasons that have yet to be determined, the electricity on board the aforementioned yacht reportedly failed while it was in the middle of the ocean.

DTomasso, Hyde, and Minnie were adrift in the Atlantic for over a week without fuel and only a little supply of food and water. It was speculated that the three were headed south, possibly to Florida. A tanker with the name of Silver Muna transported them to New York, where they could finally see their loved ones again.
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According to The New York Times, at a news conference in New York, Hyde said that it was a miracle that they were located at all, and that the tanker was likely the last ship that would be able to find them because they were outside of the shipping lane at the time.

The two men from New Jersey left the state on November 27 and were last heard from by their loved ones on December 3. In spite of the fact that DiTomasso and Hyde were presumably seasoned boaters, their loved ones became anxious when they failed to return home after several days without contact. US marine authorities investigated the incident by searching the two sailors.

Exploratory Measures

Two New Jersey Men and Dog Rescued After 10 Days Stranded in the Atlantic Ocean

After more than two days of searching by the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy planes, helicopters, and many commercial and recreational vessels, the men were carried into the passing gasoline tanker, according to a statement obtained by VOA News from the Coast Guard. On December 11, the families of missing sailors notified the Coast Guard, sparking the start of the search operation.

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According to the Coast Guard, the two guys who boarded the Silver Mauna were in good health and remained on board until the vessel docked in New York City. The statement continues by saying the two sailors left New Jersey and lost touch with their loved ones when they left North Carolina and began heading south toward Florida.

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When they first left Oregon Inlet on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, according to Hyde’s conference remarks, everything was going swimmingly. On the other hand, as they got closer to Cape Hatteras in the evening, a storm swept in, blew them off course, and blew their mast to pieces.

Connected Occurrences

Two New Jersey Men and Dog Rescued After 10 Days Stranded in the Atlantic Ocean

It’s not unheard of for people to get stuck out in the ocean like those two guys and their dog.

Sky News reports that a Mexican fisherman named Jose Salvador Alvarenga went missing in the Pacific Ocean for over a year in 2014. He had set out on his fishing excursion in late 2012.

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A British woman who fell from a cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea in 2018 spent 10 hours drifting in the water before being rescued.


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