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It’s the Third Red Lobster to Close for Good in The Past Month

For NewsBreak, I’ve written extensively on the Red Lobster network of restaurants. Two recent pieces, “Red Lobster Restaurant Location Permanently Closes” (November 18) about the closure of a long-running restaurant in Florida, and “Longstanding Red Lobster Restaurant Permanently Closes” (December 5) about the closure of a restaurant in Texas, are especially pertinent to this piece.

The latter article quoted a December 4 article from headed “BREAKING: Red Lobster Restaurant in San Angelo Closes Permanently,” which described the business’s second shutdown in as many days.

Third Red Lobster Restaurant in a Month Permanently Closes

A longtime San Angelo landmark, the Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant near to Sunset Mall has finally shut its doors. The Red Lobster in San Angelo, as shown by a notice posted on the building, is no longer in business.

“Indefinitely closed as of now. Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated. If you ever decide to visit one of our other Red Lobster restaurants, we want to serve you there as well. You can find our office at 1280 Clack Street, Abilene TX.”

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Even though Red Lobster’s CEO has denied rumours of a closure and declared repeatedly that the chain has no plans to shut down, it was reported on December 4 that all locations would be closed permanently. Although Red Lobster is not alone in suffering, many other eateries have also been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Another shutdown has been announced, the third in the past month, and this time it’s in New Jersey. Let’s look into this even more.

Until 2022, Red Lobster

Third Red Lobster Restaurant in a Month Permanently Closes

This recent closure is being questioned by analysts, according to a article titled “Red Lobster Closes Its Last Location in This New Jersey County” published earlier today.

A New Jersey location of the Red Lobster seafood restaurant business has closed, as reported in an excerpt from the article.
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The Red Lobster at 2200 Route 35 in Oakhurst, the county’s last, has closed.

“We appreciate you contacting Red Lobster. As of the now, we are closed. The business’ voicemail said, “We would like to thank our guests for their loyalty over the years and look forward to servicing you at a different location.” For nearly four decades, diners at this restaurant could satisfy their seafood cravings.

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A “tough decision” was cited, although the corporation gave no explanation for the shutdown.


If Red Lobster announces more closures in the coming months, as I predicted in my December 5th report (and as a targeted Google search will confirm), it will not come as a surprise to economists and restaurateurs quoted online. However, any such closings would appear to be strategic in nature due to current business challenges.

However, concerns about the organization’s viability, in the long run, will almost certainly persist. If there are any developments in this situation, I will report them on NewsBreak. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


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