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Download Thief Guard Mobile App,android Apk for Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Thief Guard Mobile App would keep users’ phones safe. Users may quickly determine the location and image of the burglar with the help of this software.

After installing the software on the user’s phone, the thief is unable to turn off the phone after committing the theft. The thief won’t be able to flush it or manipulate it in any way, but the app will keep the controls in your hands.

Thief Guard Offers to Act as the User’s Third Eye

The Thief Guard motorbike alarm system, Thief Guard mobile security system, and the Thief Guard app apk download may all be configured using the app.

The software is presently only available in Bangladesh, and it will take time to expand to other countries. The app is available for a free trial, and once purchased, users can use it for a year from the date of purchase.

Download Thief Guard Mobile App,android Apk for Bangladesh

The software includes numerous fantastic features, such as:


  • The intruder’s selfie
  • Stopping option for shutting down Disconnect the system
  • Pocket-theft prevention alarms
  • Option to take pictures with a silent camera
  • Setup of the ring and GPS
  • Movement detection alerts
  • Charger unplugging option
  • Locate the phone using passive location notifications
  •  Enabling SIM card security and locking the device

How Do I Use Bangladesh’s Thief Guard App?

Use the Thief Guard app by following the steps below:

  • Launch the Thief Guard app when it has been installed and update the user information.
  • Users must sign in with their mobile number and password after updating their information.
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  • Allow All of the App’s Permissions
  • Select the settings that will be useful to you from the app. For example, you can use the intruder selfie option to get the thief’s photo and address. You should also decide whether you wish to receive phone theft notifications by SMS or email. You have the choice of sending an SMS or an email.
  • If you have a problem, you can contact the Support team by phone or email, or you can use the website to seek assistance.

How Do I Get the Thief Guard App Apk for Free?

For a free download of the Thief Guard App apk, follow the steps below.

  •  Go to and download and install the Thief Guard app.
  •  The activation code can be found in the Product Manual. Users must scratch the product documentation for the activation code after installing the app.
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    To validate the app’s installation, enter the activation code.

  • You may need to provide some permissions to download the app from the website.
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  •  Allow third-party access to the app.
  •  If you’re unsure, navigate to your system’s Settings.
  • If you wish to download programs from sources other than the Google Play store, go to the Security tab of Settings and select Unknown sources.

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