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The Munsters 2022:What Happens to Marilyn and Eddie in Rob Zombie’s New Munsters?

To promote his upcoming cinematic rendition of The Munsters, Rob Zombie released a teaser trailer on Friday. Fans of the original TV series, which ran from 1964 to 1966, will find this a pleasure. For Zombie’s teaser, the characters’ departure from their black and white environment to enter color marks one of the most significant changes.

Nevertheless, it isn’t the sole instance of its kind. Fans have pointed out that the reproduction of the opening of The Munsters without Eddie and Marilyn feels a little short-changed. Many people were alarmed when Zombie announced he was rebooting The Munsters.

The Firefly Series.

The Munsters

Every one of Rob Zombie‘s movies, from the Firefly series (which includes House of 1000 Corpses) through 31, has been noted for its extreme violence as well as its dark comedy. Aside from this, aficionados of the horror genre were outraged by Zombie’s Halloween remakes.

Zombie’s The Munsters, on the other hand, received a PG-13 rating, indicating that the filmmaker intends to stick closely to the spirit of the original series. The lack of Eddie and Marily in the teaser has people speculating whether or not they will appear in any future films based on the Munsters.

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The Trailer Ends.

the munsters of the most colorful tailer

The Munsters teaser from Zombie is virtually an exact replica of the show’s opening credits. First, Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), then Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), and finally Grandpa (Joel Edgerton) all chip in (Daniel Roebuck). After Grandpa, the trailer ends, omitting Marilyn and Eddie’s scheduled appearances in the film. The trailer does not feature Marilyn Munster, but she will appear in the reboot. Pat Priest, who played Marilyn, Lily, and Herman Munster’s “plain” niece, has been confirmed by Zombie to return.

After 13 episodes, Priest took Beverley Owen’s place as the original Marilyn. The character of Marilyn, on the other hand, may need to be reworked because Priest is now 85 years old. As of this writing, little is known about Marilyn, and her omission from the teaser is designed to build anticipation for her big cameo.
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In contrast, when it comes to Eddie, things get a little murkier.

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The Upcoming Film Adaptation of The Munsters?

The MunstersCount ,Lily, HermanPhoto credit: Universal 1440 Entertainment

Will Eddie Munster Make an Appearance in the upcoming film adaptation of The Munsters? In the sitcom, Eddie provided a character for children to identify with. Eddie, the son of Lily and Herman, was a typical American kid until he discovered he was a werewolf. Although he played a significant role in The Munsters, there has been no assurance that he would appear in Zombie’s reincarnation.

Original actor Butch Patrick is still in the movie, but his function isn’t completely defined. Nonetheless, Patrick began playing Eddie when he was 11 years old, therefore it’s unlikely he’ll be in this movie as Eddie. Eddie’s involvement in the film has been kept under wraps thus far.

That the werewolf child won’t be involved in some form, especially with Zombie’s family-friendly classification, is surprising. Moreover, it provides children with a figure they can identify with. Zombo, Eddie’s all-time favorite comic book character, is set to appear in the film, thus his appearance is all but certain. Eddie Munster’s part in the plot remains a mystery until Zombie confirms it.


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