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The Minimum Wage in New Jersey is Going Up by $1 Starting in January. Sunday

New Jersey’s minimum wage has increased for the new year.

The minimum wage in Garden State is increasing by , from to , effective immediately for most hourly workers.

Asst. public policy professor at Rutgers University–Camden Dr. Michael Hayes equates that to an increase of 8%, which he says is in line with the inflation rate we’ve observed over the past year.

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Nonetheless, he adds, no one anticipated record inflation when Governor Phil Murphy signed the 2019 minimum wage rise.

“These raises were roughly above inflation,” he remarked. They were meant to raise the purchasing power of those making the minimum wage.

Hayes explains why the minimum wage in New Jersey has only kept up with inflation over the past year.

That is to say, “earners are just kind of being able to keep their spending power,” he explained. As was hopefully predicted, their disposable income has not increased.

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By increasing its minimum wage, New Jersey has joined its neighboring states of Delaware and New York. The First State is increasing its tariff to $11.75 on Sunday.

Starting this coming Saturday, the minimum wage throughout the rest of the Empire State (outside the NYC metro area) will rise to .
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20. All of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County have a minimum wage of $15 per hour.

Since the federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 in 2009, Pennsylvania has not increased its own minimum wage.
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Every year since he took office in 2015, Governor Tom Wolf has attempted and failed to increase it.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has the lowest minimum wage in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Hayes claimed that Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular, were at a competitive disadvantage because of the state’s low minimum wage.

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The rising minimum wage in some regions of New Jersey is good news. He remarked, “They can entice additional workers.”

For businesses in Pennsylvania or the greater Philadelphia area to remain competitive with those in New Jersey and Delaware, it is likely that the state’s minimum wage will need to be raised.


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