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HomenewsNew Jersey Is Engulfed in A Rainbow's Bright Glory

New Jersey Is Engulfed in A Rainbow’s Bright Glory

Today in New York – On Monday morning, the sky over our region was graced with a spectacular sight. A huge rainbow appeared above the Garden State.
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Spectacular rainbow lights up the sky over New Jersey

Light’s interaction with atmospheric water droplets results in colourful rainbows. Some have speculated that this may be a result of the effects of global warming on the frequency and magnitude of rainbows.

Spectacular rainbow lights up the sky over New Jersey

“Outside of the possibility of greater rain, I don’t see climate change as a major reason for rainbows. Since a hotter atmosphere can contain more water, we may see more rainstorms in the future, but I don’t think we’re seeing considerably more rainbows right now “Fordham University’s Department of Physics Chair Stephen Holler made this statement.

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According to Holler, the secret to seeing a rainbow is to turn your back to the sun. From what he’s heard, the angle is always 42 degrees.
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