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HomenewsA Rise in Flu, Covid, and RSV Infections Has Hospitals Preparing for...

A Rise in Flu, Covid, and RSV Infections Has Hospitals Preparing for the Worst.

Hospitals anticipate an increase in respiratory diseases between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Given the severity of the situation, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association have formally requested a national emergency declaration.

For the week beginning on November 12, the CDC reports that the overall pediatric hospitalization rate was higher than at any time during any previous flu season.

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People are hopeful that they won’t have to recover from a winter illness at the same time they’re recovering from their Thanksgiving travels.

Cherry Hill resident Linda Rosenblatt, who spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Rhode Island, said, “In the airplane, in the airport, I wear my mask.”
Many people are ready to return to their Christmas traditions from before the outbreak.

“Honestly, to me, it’s just another season. Since you routinely receive flu shots and COVID appears to be decreasing, “According to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst resident Ryan Recca. “So I’m not too worried about that,” I said.

However, local physicians are reporting higher-than-usual rates of respiratory illness due to the prevalence of three distinct viruses.

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Last week, there were over 1,100 confirmed instances of COVID in Philadelphia, a rise of 27% over the previous week.

Flu activity is high across the state of New Jersey, and it is even greater compared to the past few years.
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Increases in flu-related hospitalizations have been reported by officials at Camden’s Cooper University Health Care.

Cooper University Health Care’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Montella, noted on Monday that the facility’s “census” was “very high for this time of year” at 18.
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We often find an increase in these instances towards the beginning of the year, around February.

More children with RSV are being seen by Dr. Montella at Cooper.

He recommends getting the flu and COVID vaccines, especially before hosting any kind of family gathering, as the greatest way to protect against these airborne pathogens.

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As he put it, “I think people can get back to normal.” “Again, get those immunizations now so you can be comfortable,” is the greatest advice.

Montella claims Cooper has sufficient personnel and bed space but said that backup measures are in place just in case.


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