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Sehhaty 2.7 1: Registration via the Sehhaty App for Covid Vaccine!

Version 2.7.1 of the Sehhaty app is designed to meet the health service needs of Saudi Arabian citizens.

The app is under the rigorous supervision of Saudi Arabian Health officials and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health.
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The app is designed to communicate and broaden the perspectives of the health ministry, whose goals include standardizing healthcare, among others.

How to Download the Sehhaty 2.7.1 Application

The Sehhaty 2.7.1 application can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and the Apple AppStore.
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Simply search for the app, and after you find it, install it on your smartphone by hitting the Install button next to the app in the Playstore or Appstore.

How Can You Register for the Sehhaty App?

Once the app has been downloaded, select the Register option and enter your information, including your demographic information, into the app.

Sehhaty 2.7 1 (3)

Click to enter the verification code, and then double-check that your device’s location service is enabled, as the app requires it.

– Click on the yellow box that invites you to click on it to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 test, and you can examine your test results by clicking on the #Ta’akad centers.

– Click on the next tab and then complete the following fields:


How to Utilize the Covid Vaccination App Sehhaty 2.7.1?

Simply register using the app, and once you’ve been allocated a test center, day, and time, visit it to acquire your family’s COVID immunization.

How Can You Update Your Mobile Number in Sehhaty 2.7.1?

  • Sign in to your mobile app, navigate to the profile section, then to the mobile number section, and finally to the change mobile number tab.

Sehhaty 2.7 1 (2)

  • Once the change has been made, an OTP will be sent to the newly added phone number,
  • which must then be entered in the designated field.
    Once the verification process is complete, you will begin receiving notifications at the new number.

How Can I Add a Wife to Sehhaty 2.7.1?

When you reach the midpoint of the registration procedure, you will be prompted to indicate whether the vaccine is for yourself or a dependent.

Sehhaty 2.7 1 (1)

If you select the second option, which is your dependent, you will be asked again for the name and details of your dependent. But you can only access this process if you have an Iqama or national registration.

Sehhaty customer service phone number
You can email or use this link to contact Helpdesk support.

How can I activate the location in Sehhaty 2.7.1?

When you download the app, your app permissions will prompt you to grant permission for the app to access your geolocation services. Whenever you use the app, ensure that geolocation is enabled.

The geolocation enables the app to determine the position of the nearest COVID center or hospital, in case you become ill and need to visit a doctor. As a result, your neighboring hospital may be simply located using the app.


How Do I Obtain a Medical Record Number From Sehhaty?

You can include your medical records number, Iqama or national ID number, and telephone number on your profile page.

How can I schedule a consultation with Sehhaty 2.7.1?

During the registration process, you will be immediately prompted to schedule an appointment for your Covid immunization. Once you have the day, time, and location, you may easily attend the location at the appointed time and obtain your immunization.


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