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Sasha Obama Net Worth: Career, Biography, Dating, Birthday, and More

Sasha Obama, the eldest of President Barack Obama’s two daughters with former First Lady Michelle Obama, is also his youngest child.
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Barack and Michelle Obama welcomed Natasha Marian Obama into the world on June 10, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois.

She expects privacy because she is the daughter of a former president, which affects how she lives. She doesn’t make as many appearances in the media as the offspring of other famous people since any flaw will be highlighted if it is mentioned in the media.

Her father’s carefully maintained reputation will be damaged as a result. She is not well-known, which is another reason why you don’t hear much about her in the news. Her sister, Malia, resides with her.
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They are Chicagoans who live in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Sasha Obama’s Early Life

Sasha Obama is the younger sister of former US President Barack Obama. Her full name is Natasha, but people usually just call her “Sasha.” Michelle Obama and Barack Obama got married in 1992, and Sasha Obama was born in 2001.

Malia Obama is the older sister of Sasha Obama. She was born in 1998. After their father was elected president on January 20, 2009, both sisters went to the private University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in Chicago until January 2009, when they started going to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

In 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected as president for a second four-year term. The Obama family kept living in Washington. On January 20, 2017, the last day of Barack Obama’s second term, Sasha Obama was 15 years old.

Sasha Obama Net Worth

The Obamas bought a house in Washington, DC, with the idea that Sasha could finish high school there. She finished high school and started college at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2019.

How much money does Sasha Obama have

As of 2022, Sasha Obama’s net worth is expected to reach around $1 million. She receives some financial support from her father, which she uses to enhance her income. She also makes a respectable living serving customers at a seafood restaurant.

Many teenage girls will never take such an action in their lifetime. On the other hand, Sasha Obama is a staunch supporter of individualism. She seizes the chance to make use of her time whenever it presents itself.

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Obama Sasha Dating

A new man has entered Sasha Obama’s life.

The 24-year-old son of “Ray” actor Clifton Powell is dating the 20-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama, according to the Daily Mail.

Sasha began dating Clifton Powell Jr., a former collegiate basketball player who is currently employed as a commercial director after she moved to Los Angeles to enroll at the University of Southern California.

The former first daughter attended USC last fall after transferring from the University of Michigan, where she had studied for two years.

Images of Sasha and her 6-foot-5 rumored beau were captured by The Daily Mail earlier this week as they were out on a stroll.

She wore a peasant skirt, a crop top, and Birkenstock clogs while Powell Jr.

wore pants, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap that was turned backward.

Powell Jr., often known as Cliff and CP3, attended Village Christian High School in the San Fernando Valley after growing up in the wealthy California neighborhood of Ladera Heights. The private school’s yearly tuition is $28,340.

Sasha Obama Net Worth

After Powell Jr. graduated from high school, he was allowed to play basketball for the University of California, Santa Barbara for four years. However, he left the school less than a year later to pursue his love of film.

He presently works as a “writer/director,” creating content for well-known companies like Nike and Peloton.

Powell Jr.’s mother, Kimberly Powell, apparently runs several companies, including an interior design agency called whatever needs Designs and a catering business named Chef Kim, while his father works in Hollywood. Mary Powell, Powell Jr.’s 29-year-old sister, runs a business called Suga Honey Glam Inc.

Only a few days have passed since Michelle Obama, Sasha’s mother, revealed that she is dating someone.

They were ardent Jonas Brothers supporters. On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, the former first lady, 58, claimed of her daughters Sasha and Malia Obama, 23, that “now they’re bringing adult males home.” They now have boyfriends and actual lives; before, it was only pop bands.

Since they first met at Harvard in 2017, Rory Farquharson and Malia have been dating.

How Much Money Will Sasha Obama Get From Her Dad, President Barack Obama?

Barack Obama will leave Sasha and Malia Obama a large amount of money when he dies. It is thought that the former president has tens of millions of dollars.

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Barack and Michelle Obama had a net worth of $1.3 million when they became president and first lady in 2008. Even though the New York Post says they are worth up to $135 million, the price has only gone up to $40 million as of 2018.

All former U.S. presidents are entitled to a pension of at least $100,000 per year.


If Barack gives a speech, he can make up to $400,000 from it. Because Barack makes a lot of money and Michelle has done a lot of great things, there is a good chance that the Obama sisters will inherit millions of dollars, if not more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sasha at Usc?

Malia is currently working as a writer on a new series that was created by Donald Glover and is going to be available on Amazon Prime Video. Sasha is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California.

What Is Sasha Obama’s Real First Name?

Natasha Obama

How Old Is Sasha Obama Today?

21 years (June 10, 2001)


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