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Priscilla Presley Net Worth: What Is Graceland Worth Today?

After marrying the musical legend Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley gained notoriety as an actress, writer, and businesswoman in the United States. She held the position of chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the organization that transformed his home, “Graceland,” into one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the country, during her marriage to the musician.

Priscilla has appeared as an actress in several television movies and shows. She joined the “Dallas” cast in 1983, playing the part of Jenna Wade regularly. The actress has also made prominent cameos in the films “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane,” “The Naked Gun,” “Melrose Place,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Spin City.”

Priscilla Presley’s Childhood

On May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, Priscilla Ann Wagner was born. Her father James (a Navy pilot) passed away in a plane crash when his daughter was just 6 months old, and her mother Ann gave birth to Priscilla at the age of 19. In 1948, Ann wed Paul Beaulieu, an Air Force officer, and Priscilla started going by Beaulieu instead of Wagner.

Presley grew up in Connecticut, New Mexico, Maine, and Texas as a result of the family’s frequent moves brought on by Beaulieu’s Air Force career. 1956 saw Paul’s deployment to Germany, where Priscilla met Elvis Presley, who was then serving in the Army.

Priscilla Presley’s Career

The Bis & Beau clothing store, which was favored by stars including Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Natalie Wood, launched in Los Angeles in 1973 under the direction of Priscilla and her friend and stylist Olivia Bis. The store closed in 1976. When Elvis died in 1977, Priscilla served as Lisa Marie’s executor. After learning how much of her daughter’s inheritance would be going to Graceland (for upkeep, taxes, and other expenses), she worked with CEO Jack Soden to transform Graceland into a well-liked tourist destination.


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Elvis enthusiasts flocked to Graceland when it first opened on June 7, 1982; it has been a National Historic Landmark since 2006 and welcomes more than 650,000 people annually. When Lisa Marie Presley was old enough to legally inherit the estate in 1993, Priscilla was serving as the president and chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises, and the estate was valued at over $100 million.

In addition to her production work on numerous movies and television shows, including as “Elvis and Me” (1988), “Breakfast with Einstein” (1998), “Finding Graceland” (1998), and the upcoming Netflix adult cartoon series “Agent King,” Priscilla also has a line of fragrances and linens.

She served as a series regular on “Dallas” (1983–1988), a member of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer board of directors since 2000, and she portrayed Jane Spencer, Lt. Frank Drebin’s love interest, in all three of the “The Naked Gun” movies. Priscilla declined a starring role in “Charlie’s Angels” that was also offered to her.

Priscilla Presley’s Personal Life

After her divorce, Priscilla moved in with Mike Stone, and the two remained together until 1975. From 1978 to 1985, she was dating male model Michael Edwards. However, she broke things off after Edwards started acting improperly with Lisa Marie, who was still a teenager at the time.

The following year, on March 1, 1987, Presley and computer programmer/screenwriter Marco Garibaldi began their 22-year relationship. Priscilla and Marco parted ways in 2006, and from that year to 2009, she dated TV executive Nigel Lythgoe. Additionally, Robert Kardashian, a lawyer, and Terry O’Neill, a photographer, have been connected to Presley.


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Presley has represented the Dream Foundation as an ambassador since 2003; the group gives wishes to persons who are terminally ill. Being an advocate for animals, she spoke out against the Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill in 2013, writing to Governor Bill Haslam about it.

Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth

Over the past 50 years, Priscilla Presley has accumulated a $50 million net worth. However, it’s no secret that running the Graceland estate has been her most lucrative economic endeavor.

But in addition to being a producer and an actress, she has also done fairly well as an entrepreneur. She received both recognition and financial reward for her work in the three Naked Gun movies. She has also donated and served as an active charity ambassador.

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Elvis Presley Relationship

Priscilla first met Elvis in September 1959 at a gathering at his Bad Nauheim residence. The thought of Priscilla, 14, and 24-year-old Elvis dating wasn’t well-received by her parents, but Presley won them over by visiting their house in uniform. Priscilla was able to speak with Elvis on the phone after he left West Germany in March 1960 and see him in Los Angeles in 1962.

To complete her high school education at Immaculate Conception High School and live a short distance from Graceland with Elvis’ father and stepmother, Priscilla relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, in March 1963. Although Priscilla wanted to visit Elvis when he was working in Hollywood, he advised her to stay in Memphis.

When Priscilla challenged him about a rumor about his relationship with “Viva Las Vegas” co-star Ann-Margaret, he said it was only a rumor to promote the movie. (Throughout his relationship with Priscilla, Elvis continued to have affairs with a number of his co-stars.)

Priscilla Presley Net Worth

On May 1, 1967, in Las Vegas, Priscilla and Elvis were united in marriage; their daughter Lisa Marie was born on February 1 of the following year. Priscilla enrolled in private dancing lessons in 1968 and allegedly had an affair with the teacher, which she claims helped her realize she wasn’t getting enough from her marriage.

Elvis later encouraged her to learn karate, and she soon started dating her instructor, Mike Stone. Later, Priscilla said that she felt both physically and emotionally unfulfilled by her marriage. Elvis once stated that he wanted Stone to pass away, but when his security suggested a contract killing, Elvis declined to carry it out.

The Presleys divorced in February 1972. On October 9, 1973, the couple filed for divorce and Lisa Marie was given joint custody. Priscilla also received $725,000 in cash, child support, spousal maintenance, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their Beverly Hills house, and 5% of the income from Elvis’ publishing firms.

Why Is She So Popular?

Priscilla Ann Wagner was her given name at birth. After courting and subsequently marrying Elvis Presley, one of the most significant individuals in the history of the entertainment industry, she rose to fame in her twenties. On May 24, 1945, she was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her grandmother Lorraine met her maternal grandfather Albert, who was born in Norway and immigrated to the US. Presley is not just of Norwegian heritage, but also English and Scots-Irish, thanks to her forefathers.

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Her biological father, a US Navy pilot, perished in a plane crash only six months after she was born. Her mother first met Paul Beaulieu, a US Air Force serviceman from Quebec, Canada, in 1948. Priscilla adopted his last name, Beaulieu, after the two eventually got married. The family relocated to Wiesbaden, Germany, in the middle of the 1950s after settling in Del Valle, Texas. When Priscilla visited a party at Elvis’ house in Bad Nauheim, Germany, in 1959, she first met him when he was serving in the Army.

Priscilla Presley Net Worth

Priscilla Presley’s Property

Presley paid $170,000 for the Los Angeles home she bought for her parents in 1976, and in 2019 she sold it for $3.9 million.

She owned a 7,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for many years. Soon after her divorce from Elvis, she moved into the house. Priscilla put her Beverly Hills property on the market in August 2020 for an eye-catching $16 million. She sold this house for $13 million at the end of 2020.

She purchased a penthouse in Century City, California, in January 2021 for slightly under $5 million.


What Is Graceland Worth Today?

A source informed Rolling Stone that the estate was worth $400 to $600 million in 2020. The Presley estate is now worth more like $1 billion, a fresh source tells Billboard, because of Presley’s continued cultural relevance, a new movie opening this Friday, and publishing valuations rise on possible future earnings.


Priscilla Presley is a well-known actress and businesswoman who rose to wealth on her own, despite becoming well-known for being Elvis Presley’s wife and muse. She appeared in numerous television shows and was even asked to join the cast of the popular “Chalie’s Angels,” which she turned down.

In addition to opening her clothing store, Presley is well-known for serving as an advocate for numerous causes, including the “Dream Foundation.” In addition to being a published novelist, she is the author of the autobiographies “Elvis and Me” and “Elvis by the Presleys.”


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